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Buy the newest weathering paint sets with the best sales and promotions. Find cheap offers for weathering paint sets in our online store.
  • Vehicle Weathering and Effects Set



    High quality oil colours set with durable and stable pigments. With a high density, depth and intensity of colours, this basic set is perfect for the weathering of vehicles and any kind of ground, mud and grease effects on them. It includes a special colour for effects in winter cammo vehicles. The oils are very special paints with different characteristics. In combination with others such as acrylic or lacquer paints you will achieve better finishes and ultra realistic appearance.

    It Contains:

    • ABT001 Snow White
    • ABT080 Brown Wash
    • ABT093 Earth
    • ABT125 Light Mud
    • Mud Dark ABT130
    • ABT160 Engine Grease
  • Dust Effects and White Spirit Set



    Set to create dust effects on any vehicle in arid or dry areas, especially the Afrika Korps. This set contains three enamel bottles. AK Interactive features the colors in sets that facilitate the modeler the choice of colors and the realization of the effects in models.
    This set contains:
    _ AK-022 Africa Dust Effects.
    _ AK-015 Dust Effects.
    _ AK-011 White Spirit.

  • Mud Effects Set



    This set has three different earth colors for replicating dry, fresh and wet mud effects on your model. These colors can be mixed with plaster to give more mud volume. Mud mixtures that involve plaster are best applied with a paint brush either being painted on to the surface or by loading up a paint brush with your mud mixture and using your airbrush by dispelling small bursts of air directed at your paint brush making realistic splatter effects. This set contains:
    _ AK-016 Fresh Mud.
    _ AK-017 Earth Effects.
    _ AK-023 Dark Mud.

  • Streaking Effects Set



    This weathering set contains three different colors to make streaking effects on your scale models. These streaking effects colors are very versatile in the sense that these colors can be diluted down to the level of washes. This multiuse weathering set is a must have for anyone who strives for realistically weathered models.
    This set contains:
    _ AK-012 Streaking Grime.
    _ AK-013 Rust Streaks.
    _ AK-014 Winter Streaking Grime.

  • Slimy and Fuel Effects Set



    This three color set is ideal to make slime and fuel effects in your scale models. This set will enable the modeler to recreate Slimy Grime in ships and boats, docks, old wooden items and LVTP vehicles. Also, this set includes a very useful color to make fuel stains that are very different than grease and oil effects.
    This set contains:
    _ AK-025 Fuel Stains.
    _ AK-026 Slimy Grime Dark.
    _ AK-027 Slimy Grime Light.

  • Weathering Set for Green Vehicles



    Three products from our weathering range for those who love modeling green vehicles. Great for doing streaking effects, and dark or rust colored washes.
    This set contains:
    _ AK024 Dark Streaking Grime.
    _ AK045 Dark Brown Wash for Green Vehicles.
    _ AK046 Light Rust Wash.

  • Africa Korps Weathering Set



    German vehicles based in North Africa are a theme that is commonly enjoyed by many modelers. This totally new set has been designed to weather German vehicles based in North Africa but you don´t have to stop there as this set is perfectly acceptable to be used on Allied vehicles or even more modern examples. The set includes three different colors for doing washes, filters and streaking grime effects. This set gives the modeler everything needed for basic weathering of DAK vehicles.
    This set contains:
    _ AK-065 Filter for Afrika Korps Vehicles.
    _ AK-066 Afrika Korps Wash.
    _ AK-067 Streaking Grime for Dak Vehicles.

  • Early Panzers Weathering Set



    We have designed this set for all those modelers who love early German vehicles, or to put it another way, all those painted in Panzer Grey. The set includes all the basic products you need to do a near total weathering effect. The set contains a filter, a wash and a product to do streaking grime over the famous Panzer Grey. All you need to do to complete the look is choose your favourite colors of dust and mud.
    This set contains:
    _ AK-069 Streaking Grime for Panzer Grey.
    _ AK-070 Brown Blue for Panzer Grey Vehicles.
    _ AK-071 Blue Filter for Panzer Grey.

  • NATO Weathering Set



    This weathering set was developed with modern armor enthusiasts. We have designed this special set that contains all the necessary products you need to weather any vehicle painted with the three classic NATO colors, Brown, Green and Black. This set contains three products designed for and tested on NATO vehicles. This set allows the modeler to add washes, filters, and rain marks.
    This set contains:
    _ AK-074 Rainmarks for NATO Tanks.
    _ AK-075 Wash for NATO camo vehicles.
    _ AK-076 Filter for NATO Tanks.

  • Heavy Muddy Set



    This set is complete with different products to employ mud effects on your models. We have designed a special color based on Russian landscapes most notably for the battle of Kursk. We have also created a color for wet earth. To give depth and volume to the mud, we have included a plaster kit so you don’t have to spend your time looking for one enabling you to start painting your model right out of the gate. We have also included the definitive product for doing effects of dampness, rain or standing water on the surface of your model. This product is very different from all the other products on the market and you will see that with your final results. This set is complete with a pigment based on dark earth, which you can mix with both the plaster and the wet effects product to produce some great additional effects.
    This set contains:
    _ AK-078 Damp Earth.
    _ AK-079 Wet Effects Fluid.
    _ AK-080 Summer Kursk Earth.
    _ AK-081 Dark Earth.
    _ Plaster.

  • Engines and Metal Weathering Set



    This set contains everything necessary to do great realistic effects on any type of engine or metal objects, such as tank tracks. There are two colors for the engine, for effects of dirt and grease, which can give an unbelievably real finish. For the metal objects and tracks we have designed a wash, a dark rust colored pigment and a super metal colored pigment, which has no equal on the market from any other brand or manufacturer of pigment. This steel colored pigment is very bright when you rub it, the more you rub it the shinier it gets. Also this ultra-fine pigment doesn’t contain metallic particles as you would normally find in other products on the market. Achieve a realistic steel finish like you have never seen before.
    This set contains:
    _ AK-082 Engine grime.
    _ AK-083 Track Wash.
    _ AK-084 Engine Oil.
    _ AK-085 Track Rust Pigment.
    _ AK-086 Dark Steel Pigment.

  • Interior Weathering Set



    The interior paint of AFV´s used to be a problem for even the most experienced of modelers. This set makes this task easy with three different products. First of all we have an acrylic paint which represents the interior color of German vehicles during WWII. This color also can be used for the interiors of many other AFV´s. Also, we have included two weathering products, one for interior washes and another for streaking effects over the surface of interiors.
    This set contains:
    _ AK-092 RAL Cremeweiss.
    _ AK-093 Wash for Interiors.
    _ AK-094 Streaking Effects for Interior.

  • OIF & OEF – US Vehicles Weathering Set



    The modern American vehicles in Afghanistan and Iraq are becoming a theme that is just as important as the German vehicles from WWII. Many brands of plastic kits are now inclined to produce vehicles from these two theatres of operations, OIF and OEF. This set has been exclusively designed for modelers that make these types of vehicles, they can however be used for subjects of other armies & time periods. These American vehicles tend to have a particular aspect and to achieve these affects the set contains one product for washes and another for the streaking effects. Also included is an acrylic base color of one of the most common colors of the American forces in desert zones, the FS 33446. A color faithfully reproduced and lightly softened to compensate for the scale effects. You can use this color on all your American vehicles and it can be weathered with the 2 weathering effect products included in this set to obtain results very close to that of real vehicles.
    This set contains:
    _ AK-121 OIF & OEF Wash.
    _ AK-122 OIF & OEF US Vehicles Base color.
    _ AK-123 OIF & OEF Streaking Effects.




    AK is proud to present the first weathering set dedicated to the art of chipping. Inside we have included some of our best-selling weathering products such as: Worn Effects, Heavy Chipping, and our classic Chipping Color. Virtually any type of paint chip can be easily created. This is a truly universal set valuable to not only AFV modelers, but aircraft modelers, Scifi vehicles, trains and so much more. We have added a new product to this set, inside you will find Aluminium Chipping; a color perfect for replicating chips in paint that has been applied to aluminium surfaces. Don’t make the common mistake that a lot of modelers make, that being the use of the same color for chipping effects. A paint chip on an airplane wing should not look the same as a paint chip from a tank, or any other AFV.
    This set contains:

    _ AK089 Worn Effects
    _ AK089 Heavy Chipping
    _ AK711 Chipping Color
    _ AK139 Aluminium Chipping

  • Aircraft Engine Effects Weathering Set (Air Series)



    With the help of this weathering set, the modeler can achieve realistic weathering effects on aircraft engines. The products contained in this set have been specially formulated by our art department to help the modeler achieve maximum realism on their models. These high quality products can be dissolved with our white spirit should the need arise.
    This set contains:
    _ AK2019 Aircraft Engine Oil.
    _ AK2033 Aircraft Engine Wash.
    _ AK2039 Kerosene Leaks and Stains.

  • Aircraft Landing Gear Weathering Set (Air Series)



    This specific set focuses on the weathering of aircraft landing gear. This set has been specially formulated by our art department to achieve maximum realism on your models. These products can be dissolved with our white spirit if needed.
    This set contains:
    _ AK2029 Landing Wash Gear.
    _ AK2031 Landing Dust Effect Gear.
    _ AK2032 Shafts Grease & Bearings.

  • Exhaust Stains Weathering Set (Air Series)



    This particular set focuses on aircraft exhaust stains. In this set there are 4 pigments and one wash: AK2038 Smoke, AK2040 Exhaust Wash, AK2041 Burnt Jet Engine, AK2042 Dark Rust, and AK2043 Ocher Rust.
    With this products the modeler can achieve many different finishings for the exhausts of all airplanes in all eras. This is a prone area for rust and dirt accumulation and the pigments are perfect to achieve this textures.
    This set contains:
    AK2038 Smoke.
    AK2040 Exhaust Wash.
    AK2041 Burnt Jet Engine.
    AK2042 Dark Rust.
    AK2043 Ocher Rust.

  • paneliners weathering set combo



    This set contains the five colors of our famous paneliners from the AIR Series, with these colors and their combinations you can paneling any aircraft in any base color or camouflage of all eras, without the need of complex mixes or an infinity of colors. High quality enamel product with a better flow to achieve easily depth and emphasize all the surface details of our model.

  • Wood Weathering Set



    This set gives the modeler everything they need to make weathering effects and work any type of wood, contains two filters specific for wood and one wash made specifically for weathering wooden items. An ideal complement for acrylic sets for a realistic finish.
    This set contains:
    _ AK-261 Light Filter for Wood
    _ AK-262 Filter for Brown Wood
    _ AK-263 Wood Wash

  • Uniform Definition Filter SET



    Acrylic product. This set, included in the product line Figure Series, is specially formulated by our artistic department, to integrate camouflage patterns in figures, as well to give it chromatic variation in figures with monochromatic uniforms (greenish, greys, reddish, blueish …), recreate beard effects, dirt, highlight volumes in miniatures. Extremely matt paints, formulated with the right dilution for these kinds of details, ready to use them directly from the jar, with no need of diluting. They can be applied with brush or airbrush. Non toxic.


    This set contains:

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Buy the newest weathering paint sets with the best sales and promotions. Find cheap offers for weathering paint sets in our online store.

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