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    A limited edition and accurately printed book devoted to the original colors of vehicles used during WWII, authored by Jürgen Kiroff, Przemyslaw Skulski, Mike Starmer & Steven Zaloga, with the contribution of other recognized experts on the subject. A real travel through the research conducted in official, private and industry archives. This book reveals the development and use of colors on the German, Soviet, US and British army vehicles during WWII. 208 pages full of text, black & white and color archive photographs, profiles, color chips, photos of preserved vehicle parts and equipment, documents, general camouflage rules, etc. A must-have for modellers who want to know more about the real thing, and THE definitive guide on the WWII AFV colors.

  • Pantera Apariencia Externa & amp; Cambios de diseño

    Sold out



    Limited edition, only 2000 copies.

    Only 2000 copies of this 286 page book will be published worldwide making the Panther Book a “must have” for lovers of history. Authors Roddy Macdougall and Martin Block, with the assistance of Panzer Tracks team bring the most comprehensive study of the formidable Panther tank to date. More than ten years of preparation have gone into this book; There are interviews with some of the personnel involved in the development and manufacture of the Panther tank. This is the first book about the Panther tank that includes detailed explanations for each of the assembly plants including specifications, Zimmerit application methods and full colour illustrations of the camouflage painting patterns along with detailed perspective drawings of the specific features. There are numerous of photographs with a significant number of them published for the first time! This isn’t simply just another book, this is the standard by which all books about the Panther tank will be compared, don’t miss out – once they’re gone, they’re gone!

  • Soviet War Colors Profile Guide




    This deluxe 100 page color guide includes Soviet WWII color profiles and a section with real photographs. This is a must have reference for the WWII Soviet Armor enthusiast. Modelers will find the inspiration for making original Soviet vehicles, based in original photos some of them never seen before. Also includes a brief study of colors of Soviet Army in WWII.

  • D.A.K. Profile guide




    This book shows the original German camouflage of vehicles used by the Deutsche Afrika Korps, with color variants throughout the war. We look at German Army vehicle colours for the African campaign, including the European Dark Gray (RAL 7021) in which they arrived to Libya. This continues through to the initial camouflage colours, Yellow-Brown RAL 8000 with Green-Gray spots RAL 7008 (in 1941), and the Yellow-Brown RAL 8020 and Sand Gray RAL 7027, used from1942. We also include a selection of Italian vehicles, often forgotten, which fought alongside the Germans against the Allies from 1941 to1943. This is supplemented by the addition of allied vehicles serving with the Axis troops, with some curious American halftracks with distinctive German markings. Over 170 profiles cover schemes from the most common camouflage to the most originals and unusuals vehicles used by the DAK and Regio Esercito, including major artillery pieces used in Africa, highlighting above all the powerful 88 mm Flak 18/36/37. Through the 108 pages of thisbook, the modeler will find inspiration for next African modelling projects.

  • WWI The First Mechanized War




    This book provides a comprehensive and complete view of the crude beginnings and fast evolution of armored warfare during the Great War. It includes historical texts illustrated with period photographs, and detailed colour profiles of each of the most outstanding models. Also included is a brief reference to the evolution of military aviation during the Great War, with colour profiles of the most important fighter planes used by all contenders. As a bonus, the book offers a worldwide exclusive; a fantastic collection of large format black & white photographs, never before published; surely, such an amazing photo collection will inspire modelers into making accurate dioramas and vignettes of the First World War; the first mechanized war.

  • MIDDLE EAST WARS 1948-1973 VOL.1 Profile guide



    English. 100 pages.

    Throughout this first guide of 100 pages the modeler will find inspiration for the next project and the complement for the new kits of many brands. The book contains high quality color renderings showing the many camouflage patterns used on these vehicles by Egyptian, Jordanian , Algerian, Syrian , or Israel armies in this period. A special section in white photographs where can be seen Arab vehicles captured in Yom Kippur by IDF, and also a chapter about surviving vehicles and Israel Sherman variants.
    Vol.2 coming soon, don’t miss this volume to complete the collection.

  • Arab Revolutions & Border Wars Vol.III



    New profile book. Whether you like Arab vehicles, you make models or not, you should take a look at this super-book with lots of inspirational profiles, with information, anecdotes, etc.

    You can buy this book as a sole volume or to complete the collection with other volumes of the Arab Wars. This book covers the vehicles from last 30 years in different armies.

    Regular Arab Armies as Moroccan Army, Algerian Army, Lybian Army, Sudan Army and SLPA Vehicles, Egyptian Modern Army, Syrian Army, Iraq Army, Yemen Army,Turkey Army and the interesting and rare vehicles from Arab Rebel Armies as Peshmerga Vehicles, Kurds Vehicles, Daesh Vehicles and other surprises.


    Language: English 148 pages.  Volume 3





    Only available English language. Limited & Numbered book.


    The Real Colors for aircraft models could not be introduced without releasing a special book devoted to this subject. Renowned researchers Maciej Góralczyk, Gerald T. Högl, Jürgen Kiroff, Nicholas Millman and Mikhail V. Orlov teamed up in order to produce the most up-to-date reference book on the aircraft colors of the main WWII adversaries: Germany, United States, Great Britain and Soviet Union.

    The resulting study is a comprehensive guide to the colors and camouflage schemes, presented on 292 pages and illustrated with 42 color profiles, several document reprints, and 390 b/w and color photos, many of which are very rare. Included is the latest information on the Luftwaffe’s late war colors, which have been reproduced as scale colors on the basis of the original paint factory recipes by Gerald T. Högl and Jürgen Kiroff. For the very first time, the unparalleled research on the Soviet Air Force colors done by Mikhail V. Orlov is introduced to the non-Russian readers. Nicholas Millman’s archival research brings us accurate reproduction and description of the colors used by the USAAF, US Navy and RAF/FAA.

    This book is a true must-have for anyone with even a slight interest in WWII aircraft colors.

  • 1945 German Colors. Camouflage Profile Guide




    This book analyzes original, eye-catching color variants and camouflage patterns introduced by the German Army late 1944 as used during the last year of the war, 1945. Throughout the guides 72 pages the modeler will find inspiration for the next project. The book contains more than 180 color renderings showing the many camouflage patterns used on common vehicles, and oddities used by the German forces. Included the reader will find vehicles such as the Panther, Pz. IV, Tiger I y II, Stugs, Artillery Guns, Halftracks and more. A special section of the book will help us interpret black and white photographs, and also a chapter about “What If” and “Paper Panzers”. We also include a section where we observe taking renderings to finished models.






    Do you think Chinese tanks and models are not interesting?

    Wait to see this book …

    Until now is the most complete, detailed and exhaustive study about PLA for modelers ever done.

    This book is not only having historians in mind but also for modelers and readers that can be interested to know something more about the Chinese army power. After reading this book many modelers will have much more interest in building a Chinese vehicle as next model.

    Through its pages we will discover not only the power and main weapons of the Chinese PLA since its origins, but also the way to paint them, showing different techniques and camouflages for the Chinese vehicles.

    The kits which appear in this book, belong to the main Chinese brands, and makes this book the perfect guide not only for modelers and enthusiasts of Chinese tanks and its strange and exotic camouflages but also for any modelers that want to have a reference book.

    Modelers and historians like Adam Wilder, Kristof Pulinks, Lukasz Orczyyc-Musialek, Lester Plaskitt, Sven Frich, Zach Sex, Gordon Arthur, Lei Xu, Verlag Jochen,Chris Jerret, Oscar Ebrí, Brian Murdoch or David Bocquelet give us an idea of the quality of this publication that until now is the most complete, detailed and exhaustive study about PLA for modelers ever done.

    Only in English language.

  • SPECIAL Luftwaffe Gallery 1 – JG 26 ‘The Abbeville Boys’

    Sold out

    LUGA JG 26


    Author: Erik Mombeeck

    In the Luftwaffe Gallery series, this expanded special edition is devoted to JG 26, the famed ‘Abbeville Boys’ or ‘Abbeville Kids’ of RAF and USAAF legend. This superb new title provides an unparalleled view of air combat in the skies of Britain and France, from dog-fighting between Messerschmitts and Spitfires during the campaign in the West and the Battle of Britain, to fighter bomber missions over southern England, to the Allied invasion of Normandy and the desperate sorties flown by the unit’s Fw 190s against the huge USAAF bomber streams.


    On 96 pages, you’ll find 28 superb colour profiles created by Thierry Dekker, over 240 photographs and newly translated personal accounts.

  • SPECIAL Luftwaffe Gallery 4 – JG 5 ‘Fighters of the Midnight Sun’

    LUGA JG 5


    Authors: Erik Mombeeck, Maciej Góralczyk

    This new volume is devoted to JG 5 ‘Fighters of the Midnight Sun’. Nothing predestined young German fighter pilots to fly and fight among the grandiose landscapes of Norway, Finland or Lapland with their hostile climates. Many of them would find their last resting places in the storm-tossed icy waters of the Arctic Sea or the snow-covered plains of the tundra. Who even now knows that the defeat of the Wehrmacht was precipitated by the failure to conquer Europe’s northern-most small territory?


    This latest Luftwaffe Gallery ‘special issue’ tells the story of this fighter Geschwader and its numerous aces on 96 pages, filled with rare and newly translated first person accounts, over 240 photos (many previously unpublished) and 32 specially commissioned artworks that had been created by Janusz Światłoń.

  • SPECIAL Luftwaffe Gallery 3 – JG 54 ‘The Green Hearts’

    LUGA JG 54


    Authors: Erik Mombeeck, Maciej Góralczyk

    JG 54 was perhaps the most fascinating fighter Geschwader of the Luftwaffe, not least for modellers. This is in large measure due to the variety of non-standard colour schemes worn by the unit’s Bf 109 and Fw 190 fighters as well as the diversity of its emblems and insignia displayed both early and late in the war.


    On 96 pages of this latest Luftwaffe Gallery ‘special issue’ we highlight the story of this fighter Geschwader through rare and newly translated first person accounts, 207 photos of which many are published for the first time, and 32 specially commissioned profiles that had been created by Thierry Dekker.


  • SPECIAL Luftwaffe Gallery 2 – JG 77 ‘Fighting on Every Front’

    LUGA JG 77


    Author: Erik Mombeeck

    Several factors characterise the history of JG 77: the diversity of its origins, the fact that the Geschwader fought on all fronts, flying the Messerschmitt Bf 109 throughout (except for a very brief interlude on Macchi 205), the striking number and quality of its insignia and the fact that it had in its ranks a large number of the leading fighter aces.


    Through newly translated personal accounts, over 230 photos and 31 colour profiles, we tell the story of this unit on 96 pages of this ‘special issue’ of Luftwaffe Gallery.

  • Luftwaffe Gallery Vol.1

    Sold out

    LUGA VOL 1


    Author: Erik Mombeeck


    This book has 56 pages and contains seven interesting articles:

    1. Markings Gallery I: Red cowling bands
    2. Markings Gallery II: Yellow cowlings on Bf 109 Fs
    3. Markings Gallery III: White noses on Bf 110s
    4. Colour Gallery: Jnukers Ju 88 special
    5. Camouflage Gallery: Cross hatch paint schemes
    6.  Equipment Gallery: Luftwaffe tunic lapel badges
    7.  Emblem Gallery: The Bonzo cartoon dog character


    These are lavishly illustrated with over 90 photos, including several in colour, and 30 colour profiles that had been created by Thierry Dekker.

  • Luftwaffe Gallery Vol.2

    Sold out

    LUGA VOL 2


    Author: Erik Mombeeck


    This book has 56 pages and contains six fascinating articles:

    1. Emblem Gallery: The Mickey Mouse cartoon character (with Many Souffan and Thierry Dekker)
    2. Camouflage Gallery: Scribble pattern paint schemes (with Thierry Dekker)
    3. Colour Gallery: Bf 109 Fs in Sicily
    4. Markings Gallery: Maritime strike aircraft rudders
    5. Equipment Gallery I: Pilot victory sticks part 1 (with Thierry Dekker)
    6. Equipment Gallery II: Sea planes Special part 1 (with Thierry Dekker)


    These are lavishly illustrated with around 100 photos, including many in colour, and 32 colour profiles that had been created by Thierry Dekker.

  • Luftwaffe Gallery Vol.3

    Sold out

    LUGA VOL 3


    Author: Erik Mombeeck


    This book has 56 pages and features six fascinating articles:

    1. Emblem Gallery I: The Zylinder Hut/Top Hat emblem (with Many Souffan)
    2. Camouflage Gallery: JG 54 snakeskin pattern paint schemes (with Maciej Góralczyk)
    3. Colour Gallery: Luftwaffe liaison – Supporting operations in the desert
    4. Emblem Gallery II: JG 53 Jabostaffel in Sicily
    5. Equipment Gallery I: Seenot! Down in the drink (with Yves Empain)
    6. Equipment Gallery II: Langnasen Dora 9 (with Kees Mol, James Crow, Maciej Góralczyk and Neil Page)


    These are lavishly illustrated with more than 80 photos, including many in colour, and 33 colour profiles that had been created by Thierry Dekker.

  • Luftwaffe Gallery Vol.4

    Sold out

    LUGA VOL 4


    Author: Erik Mombeeck

    Luftwaffe Gallery No.4 offers six interesting articles:

    1. Emblem Gallery: Luftwaffe aircraft eagle emblems
    2. Camouflage Gallery: Paint schemes of III./JG 3, spring 1942
    3. Equipment Gallery I: Metal pennants
    4. Colour Gallery: The Ju 87
    5. Equipment Gallery II: Pilot victory sticks, part 2
    6. Marking Gallery: The tail band colours of III./JG 6 (by Kees Mol)


    All gathered on 56 pages, lavishly illustrated with 28 colour profiles and more than 100 photos, including many in colour!


  • Luftwaffe Gallery Vol.5

    LUGA VOL 5


    Author: Erik Mombeeck


    This book has 56 pages and features five fascinating articles:

    1. Emblem Gallery: Raining cats and dogs
    2. Camouflage Gallery: JG 2 mottle musings (with Neil Page)
    3. Markings Gallery: All in a spin – Colourful spinners
    4. Unit Gallery I: Six months with 2./JG 2, from eagle to owl.
    5. Unit Gallery II: Wekusta 2 in all weathers, by Pierre Babin


    Readers’ Corner

    These are lavishly illustrated with 96 rare photos and 28 colour profiles that had been created by Thierry Dekker.

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Profile Sacale Modeling Books. Buy the best ones.

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