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  • Scale Model Handbook: Theme Collection Vol.1

    MRB SMH-TC01



    This new series will bring to you books with articles collection previously published in our editions and dedicated to one theme. Each book will include chosen articles to cover a specific theme.


    • 4 Sturmbannführer of the SS, 2nd Panzer Division Das Reich Artillery Regiment, France 1944 – Painting a 90mm WWII Figure and his Dog – 90mm (1/20)
    • 14 Oberleutnant of the 1st Fallschirmjäger Division – Painting a 1/35 scale WWII German Paratrooper Figure – 50mm (1/35)
    • 18 Waffen SS MG42 Gunner – How to Paint a Camouflaged Smock and Apply a Fair Complexion to a Large Scale Figures Face – 200mm (1/9)
    • 28 Claus Von Stauffenberg – Techniques for Combining Acrylic and Oil Colours for Skin Tones, and Painting Leather Clothing for Box Art – 90mm (1/20)
    • 38 U-Boat Crew WWII – Painting a Large Scale Bust with Acrylic and Oil Paints – 180mm (1/10)
    • 40 A Step by Step Exercise Showing How to Sculpt a Reversible Winter Parka Using A+B Epoxy Putty on a 1/35 Scale Figure – 50mm (1/35)
    • 48 SS-Standartenführer, 1944 – Painting a Large Scale Bust Step by Step – 200mm (1/9)
    • 54 Maschinengewehrschütze MG34 – A Presentation on How to Paint a Large Scale Machine Gunner Figure With Acrylics and Oils for the Manufacturers Kit Box Photograph, – 200mm (1/9)
    • 64 Soldier of the SS Leibstandarte Carrying an MG42 Tripod, Kharkov 1943 – How to Paint Cool Flesh Tones and Produce Varying Textures for That Eastern Front Appearance – 180mm (1/10)
    • 72 Fallschirmjäger 1944 – Painting Late War Paratroopers Camouflage Pattern Clothing to A Large Scale Bust – 180mm (1/10)
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