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  • Scale Model Handbook: WWII Special Vol.5 – Creating Your Own WWII Figures in 1/35 & 1/16






    Welcome to the latest WWII Special, Vol.5 in the Scale Model Handbook Series from Mr Black Publications’ Editions. This is our 42st book by the well-known Netherlands’ artist Luc Klinkers who shows “how to” sculpt and paint WWII period miniature figures in German uniforms, placing them in realistic scenic settings, made from scratch and providing the ultimate techniques guide.

    Luc steers you through the miniaturists’ magical world using detailed text with a lot of step-by-step photos so you can easily follow his approach and learn how to sculpt your own WWII German miniature figures in 1/35 and 1/16 scales, displaying them on scratch built scenery.

    Inside are 250 photos, around 200 of them combined into step-by-step sequences. The book is divided into five chapters following a progressively advanced sequence from A to Z on how to sculpt your own miniatures. Luc reveals all his secrets and techniques gathered over his 20 years experience in the military modelling hobby where he’s sculpted more than 200 figures.

    The first chapter is dedicated to tools, materials and other materials needed to sculpt your own miniature figures. The second covers creating a 1/35 scale three-figure vignette totally from scratch. The author uses heads, hands, boots, weapons and accessories from commercially available products combining them to create his personalised realistically posed figures. Luc makes it look easy and encourages you to try his methods.

    The third chapter is about sculpting and painting a German SS Grenadier at the Falaise Pocket 1944 in 1/16 scale, whereas the fourth chapter covers the creation of a 1/16 scale three-figure “action vignette” from scratch. The fifth and the final chapter presents a gallery of masterly sculpted figures that have been created over the past 20 years that were placed onto AFVs, in city or country themes, or just in small display bases.

    So what would you expect from this book? I must admit that I first met Luc on Facebook one day when some photos of his latest work appeared in front of me. I was really impressed! Not only from the results he achieved, but also from the time he took from start to finish. An amazing combination! Yes, he uses commercially available heads, hands, boots, weapons, gear, etc., when they fit into his projects to create shortcuts. However, I think the final results are awesome, considering the time dedicated to sculpting your own 1/35 scale heads, hands, weapons, etc., is very time consuming with underlying uncertainties for the amateur. Also, the larger 1/16 scale needs a lot of attention to detail and abilities usually displayed by professionals.

    Luc explains how to sculpt your own miniature figures using regular tools and materials, combing your creativity and readily available commercial accessories, so each figure will have your own signature upon it. We often hear that with just replacing a figure’s head we can give it a different personality and progress to adding some character to your scenic base.

    Study this book carefully and get out your old figures and spares box that’s been sitting there for years. Start with small alterations and then go further to producing conversions and scratch builds. You will be amazed how good you will feel when you put your own stamp on your sculpted and transformed figures!

    A big thank you must go to this great miniaturist Luc Klinkers for giving us the opportunity to publish his work and share his secrets with us. Special thanks are due to Pietro Balloni, Luca Marchetti, Alex Vallejo, Fernando Vallejo, Taesung Harmms, Young B. Song, Paul Ondeck, Alessandro Balbo, Ronaldo Iezzi, Yannis Papadopoulos and last, but not least, our English Text Editor Ken Jones.

    We hope you enjoy our latest edition!

    Stelios Demiras
    Editor /Publisher


    4 Introduction

    5 Chapter I- The Tools, Materials and Other Stuff Needed for
    Sculpting Miniature Figures

    8 Chapter II – Creating a WWII Vignette from Scratch – 1/35
    • The Late War Trench, Germany, Eastern Front
    • The Veteran Paratrooper Sculpting
    • The Young SS Grenadier Sculpting
    • The Shortcut Method: Sculpting an SS Officer based on a
    Tamiya Plastic Figure Body
    • Painting
    • Creating a Base for the Vignette

    40 Chapter III – Creating a WWII German Soldier from Scratch 1/16
    • German SS Grenadier, Falaise Pocket 1944

    56 Chapter IV – Creating a Three-Figure Vignette in Action – 1/16
    • Run for Cover!

    68 Chapter V – Gallery: A Selection of the Author’s Modelling
    Works, Containing Sculpted Figures

    80 Chapter VI – Color Chart – Pea Pattern Camouflage


    84 PAGES
    24.95 Euros
    ISSN 2459-3311

  • Scale Model Handbook: WWII Special Vol.4




    This volume is the 35th edition in Mr Black Publications’ “Scale Model Handbook” series, and the fourth in that series entirely dedicated to what took place between 1939-1945, which has since been described in Western histories as “The Second World War”.

    The wartime themes herein are numerous and feature extended articles about models, dioramas, vignettes and figures, especially in 1/35 scale, where we’ve managed to assemble many representative examples from our well-known regular contributors, who’ve been with us from the beginning. We’ve added some articles from newer and very talented modellers that we feel will interest our readers. Our thanks go to everyone for their excellent work and dedication, which helped achieve this project… Our new contributors are Lieven Terryn, Eduardo Fernandez Rodriguez, Fabrizio Marini and Carlos Muñoz de Bustillo. As always, thanks are due to our regular and well-known stalwarts, Selu Casanova, Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth and Toshihiro Sano.

    We must also thank our friends, partners and supporters from the manufacturing fraternity… Pietro Balloni and Luca Marchetti (Pegaso Models), Darren Parker-Mead (Tommy’s War), Stuart Hale (Stormtrooper Miniatures), Alexander Surzhenko (Masterbox Ltd), Alexey Lukanev (Irbis Miniatures), Man Jin Kim (MJ Miniatures), Young B. Song (Young Miniatures), Taesung Harmms (Alpine Miniatures), Daniel Buchtela (Model Scene), DG Artwork (Dae Hyoung Kim), Alex Vallejo (Vallejo Acrylics), Fernando Vallejo (AK-Interactive), Ben Mirson and Alina Rizhko (both from Miniart Models).

    Finally, we extend our thanks to Ken Jones for his valuable help in editing our contributors’ texts, which have to be translated into English from the many different languages within our worldwide contributor base. His knowledge and advice help us lend a unique final touch to all our publications.

    Hopefully you’ll enjoy our new book, but above all, keep modelling!

    Stelios Demiras

    Editor and Publisher
    Mr Black Publications


    4 Ramcke Brigade, Libya 1942 – Building a Diorama Featuring an Abandoned Kettenkrad and Detailed Commercial Plastic Figures in a Desert Setting – 50mm (1/35)

    18 Waffen SS Machine Gunner 1944 – Painting The Skin Tones, a Late Pattern SS Camouflage Smock And Equipment of a Young Soldier – 180mm (1/10)

    26 “Dansei No Meiyo” – Japanese Officer, Pacific Offensive – How to Build and Paint a Resin Figure Step-By-Step… A Complete Painting Guide Using Acrylic Paints Applied with an Airbrush and A Paintbrush – 75mm (1/25)

    36 Brothers in Arms in Northern Italy 1944 – Creating a Unique World War Two Vignette Comprising Commercially Available Figures and Accessories Using Simple Conversions and Scratch Building Techniques – 50mm (1/35)

    44 British Paratrooper, Operation Market Garden 1944 – Painting a British Denison Camouflage Smock and Equipment with Tamiya Enamels – 180mm (1/10)

    52 The Last Bullet – How to Build a Realistic WWII Scene Using Commercial Products – 50mm (1/35)

    62 American Paratrooper – 101st Airborne Division WWII “Currahee” – Painting a Large Scale Bust of a WWII American Paratrooper with Acrylic Paints – 180mm (1/10)

    74 “Battaglione Barbarigo” in Northern Italy Late 1944 – Creating a Unique WWII Figure in a Scenic Setting Using Converted Commercial Figure Parts – 50mm (1/35)

    78 After the Battle 1944-1945 – Painting Waffen SS Grenadiers in Winter Uniforms for the Manufacturer’s Box Art Using Tamiya Enamels – 50mm (1/35)


    Carlos Muñoz de Bustillo – Selu Casanova – Fabrizio Marini – Eduardo Fernandez Rodriguez – Toshihiro Sano – Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth – Lieven Terryn

    84 PAGES

  • Scale Model Handbook: WWII Special 2



    Welcome to the latest WWII Special, Vol.2 in the Scale Model Handbook Series from Mr Black Publications Editions. This is the ultimate painting guide by the Korean master figure painter and artist Man Jin Kim showing how to paint miniature figures in German WWII uniforms using acrylic paints.

    Mr Black Publications is proud to bring you this awesome work, first published in the Korean language, with an English text where over 84 pages cover the most important aspects of painting German uniforms in miniature. Field grey, black and white, leather uniform items, camouflage accessories and scenery. Inside are more than 300 photos, and around 280 of them are step-by-step sequences. The first chapter is dedicated to tools and assembly, the second on using acrylic paints and the third is about face painting. The fourth chapter covers painting uniforms, the fifth accessories whereas the sixth looks at scenery. The seventh, and final, chapter presents a gallery of masterly painted figures, busts and vignettes by the author illustrated with really big and sharp photos that reveal even the smallest details of each model subject.

  • Scale Model Handbook: WWII Special 1



    This is the first book in the series where they have entirely dedicated to creations inspired by those events that took place between the years 1939-1945 known to Western histories as “The Second World War”. Even though wartime themes are numerous herein, and feature an extended variety of models and figures, especially in 1:35 scale, they have managed to present many representative examples catering to the varying interests of our readers.

  • Scale Model Handbook: WWII Special 3



    This is the third book in the series where they have entirely dedicated to creations inspired by those events that took place between the years 1939-1945 known to Western histories as “The Second World War”. Even though wartime themes are numerous herein, and feature an extended variety of models, dioramas, vignettes, and figures, especially in 1/35 scale, they’ve managed to present many representative examples catering to the varying interests of our readers.

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