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  • Spitfire mk. IXc late



    The legendary Spitfire Mk. IXc; AK is proud to offer one of the most (if not the most!) accurate reproductions of the beautiful aircraft. Choose one of three non-British allied air force versions:

    1. Spitfire LF Mk.IXc, MJ897, GR 2/33 “Savoie”, French Air Force, Luxeuil-les-Bains, France, January 1945
    2. Spitfire LF Mk.IXc, flown by Capt. Garth Jared, CO of 309th FS / 31st FG, USAAF, Italy, December 1943
    3. Spitfire LF Mk.IXc, PV119, Royal Egyptian Air Force, 1947

    The instructions offer multiple views of each version ensuring your finished model is a perfect 1/48 reproduction

  • Bf 109 E1 / E3

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    The famous German Bf109 drew first blood and proved itself over Spain! AK proudly offers a historically accurate Bf 109 E-1/E-3. Build one of six versions of the aircraft that was provided by the German Army to the Nationalists of the Spanish Civil War:

    1. Bf 109 E-3, 6•91, 3. J/88, Barcience, Spain, March 1939Bf.
    2. Bf 109 E-3, W.Nr. 715, 6•92, flown by Lt. Gustav Rödel, 1. J/88, León, Spain, May 1939Bf.
    3. Bf 109 E-3, 6•111, flown by Lt. Werner Ursinus, 2. J/88, La Cenia, Spain, early 1939.
    4. Bf 109 E-1, 6•123, flown by Oblt. Hans Schmoller-Haldy, 3. J/88, León, Spain, May 1939.
    5. Bf 109 E-3, 6•104, flown by Lt. Carlos Maria Rey-Stolle, Grupo 25, Logroño-Agoncillo, Spain, November 1939.
    6. Bf 109 E-3, 6•126, Grupo 25, El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain, 1940.

    The instructions offer multiple views of each version ensuring your finished model is a perfect 1/48 reproduction.
    Also included is a 12 page booklet complete with period photographs and explanations allowing the modeler to fully understand the role that the Bf109 served during the Spanish Civil war.




    Always at the forefront of the modeling world, AK has gone somewhere no other model company has gone before; we are releasing a kit for both collectors and modelers alike. For the first time an abandoned aircraft! AK is proud to offer a Limited Edition release of an abandoned Mig-21. This kit is a breath of fresh air; an idea that dares to break away from the pack. This is a perfect model for those who want to build a Mig-21, and for those who want to collect a bit of modeling history.
    This model kit contains: Precise instructions, Photo-etched, Decals, Resin parts
    Have you always wanted to try and recreate a tired aircraft that through the flaked paint, flat tires, and overall weathered appearance tells a glorious story? This kit allows just that; make a version with flat tires, extremely weathered and discolored decals; or if that is not to your liking, opt for a more classic version and build an attractive Russian or German Mig-21 aircraft in its days of glory. High quality unassembled model kit for modelers aged 14 and up. Contains plastic parts, photo-etched parts and decals. Requires glue, tools and paint to complete (not included). Pictorial assembly guide provides precise assembly instructions.

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