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Buy the newest basics with the best sales and promotions. Find cheap offers for basics in our online store.




    Foam Sealer is a fine paste intended for sealing any type of foam.
    This paste does not damage the foam and protects it from subsequent aggressive processes.
    It is an acrylic product, so you can dilute it with water and clean your tools easily.
    We recommend to apply it with a spatula to distribute the paste over the foam.
    Dries in one hour (depending on the thickness of the applied layer and the environmental conditions).
    Comes in a neutral white color not to affect the further paint layers.
    Close the packaging well, allowing the product to last longer.
    Use a spatula or an old brush for handling.


    Volume: 250ml.



    Foam Sealer es una pasta fina destinada a sellar cualquier tipo de espuma.
    Esta pasta no daña la espuma y la protege de los procesos agresivos posteriores.
    Es un producto acrílico, por lo que puede diluirlo con agua y limpiar sus herramientas fácilmente.
    Recomendamos aplicarlo con una espátula para distribuir la pasta sobre la espuma.
    Se seca en una hora (dependiendo del grosor de la capa aplicada y las condiciones ambientales).
    Viene en un color blanco neutro para no afectar las capas de pintura adicionales.


    Volumen: 250ml.




    Detail Shine Enhancer is a special modeling wax developed to create extra shine on certain objects and add more richness to the colors. It can be used on models, dioramas and vignettes, allowing you to achieve different effects on small surfaces, such as grease or wet effects on canvas or floor tiles. With this product, you can easily add ultra-realistic touches to your model without having to use a varnish.

    The tube contains 20ml / 39gr of product.

    ?· Need more info? Click here



    Este producto ha sido desarrollado para aportar un aspecto brillante selectivamente en algunas aristas y piezas de las maquetas, tales como toldos, lonas, ropas, etc. No es un barniz satinado y no funciona como tal, es una base cera incolora que puede aplicarse con el dedo consiguiendo matices muy realistas en ciertos materiales.

    El tubo contiene 20ml / 39gr de producto.

    ?· Necesitas más información? Pincha aquí





    GREENPOWER is an epoxy putty that when mixed both components at room temperature allows to recreate any model’s piece. Once mixed both components the result becomes a sticky green putty. Then you have about 90 minutes to mold and detail, reaching maximum hardness after 24 hours.

    To obtain smoother surfaces it is recommended to use a lubricant such as water, oil, or vaseline, in order to prevent unwanted settling of the putty. The tools must be always lubricated or moistened, and talcum powder can be used to avoid fingerprints, or to add texture. Altering the proportions of both components produces a greater or lesser hardness and hardening faster or slower. Storing the putty in a cool area or even in the refrigerator will keep it in better condition and will last longer.


    This product contains 2 stripes of 10cm of putty.

  • Metal burnishing fluid



    Sepcial Product.


    A new faster formula (works in seconds), and at a more competitive price. We have extensively tested and formulated, and improved this product, here at AK-Interactive. With our Metal Burnishing fluid, you can naturally weather and rust white metal tracks, such as those made by Friulmodel or ours. Just dip the tracks in the liquid for a few seconds and the metal will begin to appear dark and rusty very quickly, easily and effortlessly. You can vary the effect using different dilutions and varying lengths of soak. Using less product, you can achieve even better results than with our previous formula.



    Producto Especial.


    Una nueva fórmula más rápida (funciona en segundos) y a un precio más competitivo. Hemos ampliamente probado, formulado y mejorado este producto, aquí en AK-Interactive. Con nuestro fluido Metal Burnishing, puede envejecer y oxidar naturalmente las cadenas de metal blanco, como las fabricadas por Friulmodel o las nuestras. Simplemente sumerja las cadenas en el líquido durante unos segundos y el metal comenzará a aparecer oscuro y oxidado muy rápido, fácil y sin esfuerzo. Puede variar el efecto usando diferentes diluciones y diferentes longitudes de remojo. Con menos producto, puede lograr resultados aún mejores que con nuestra fórmula anterior.




    This product is a preservative for reusable natural plants. You just need to put the branch or the small plant in the container with the product overnight and the sap will be replaced by the agent getting it to remain undamaged or wither in our diorama. The plants can be painted with acrylics in order to avoid that t plants color can be weakened over time by the elimination of chlorophyll.

    The jar is wide enough to put the plants without difficulty.

    • 250ml



    High quality grey acrylic putty, standard hardness (20ml, 39 gr.). Polyurethane water based one component product. It does not shrink when drying. Specially designed for modeling. Superfine filler with perfect adhesion and sanding properties. It is water based so there is no smelly chemicals in the mix to cause skin and respiratory problems. Can be cleaned off with water.




    High quality white acrylic putty, extra hard, (20 ml, 39 gr.). Polyurethane water based. One component product. It does not shrink when drying. Specially designed for modeling. Superfine filler with perfect adhesion and sanding properties. It is water based so there is no smelly chemicals in the mix to cause skin and respiratory problems. It can be cleaned off with water




    Special Product.


    SUPER special product which CONVERTS any acrylic paint into washable, just think of the effects that can be achieved on any kind of scale models.
    Developed by AK and no other brand has this product.
    Add a 10% of this product to your acrylic paint to make it washable. Once the mix is applied you can remove the desired quantity with a brush moistened in water. This product is recommended for winter camouflages, to create any dust effects, or to imitate the lesser quality paints used on some vehicles, for example in the desert where the paint underneath was released little by little. The result is very convincing as it is based on the same principle as the real paint. The possibilities are endless because the effect can be used with any color.



    Producto Especial.


    Producto SUPER especial que CONVIERTE cualquier pintura acrílica en lavable, solo piense en los efectos que se pueden lograr en cualquier tipo de modelos a escala.
    Desarrollado por AK y ninguna otra marca tiene este producto.
    Agregue un 10% de este producto a su pintura acrílica para que sea lavable. Una vez que se aplica la mezcla, puede eliminar la cantidad deseada con un pincel humedecido en agua. Este producto se recomienda para camuflajes de invierno, para crear efectos de polvo o para imitar las pinturas de menor calidad utilizadas en algunos vehículos, por ejemplo, en el desierto donde la pintura debajo se libera poco a poco. El resultado es muy convincente ya que se basa en el mismo principio que la pintura real. Las posibilidades son infinitas porque el efecto se puede usar con cualquier color.




    Special Product.


    High quality product developed to enhance, repair, and achieve extremely realistic transparent glass-like finishes on clear plastic parts. Simply dip and let dry for a few minutes. The bottle is thick to dip parts without problem. Clean excess around the edges to achieve a uniform layer. For best results, allow product to dry in a dust-free environment. This product, when applied to clear plastic, will result in a realistic glass-like appearance on parts like clear plastic cockpit canopies or other clear parts.



    Producto Especial.


    Producto de alta calidad desarrollado para mejorar, reparar y lograr acabados transparentes extremadamente realistas en forma de vidrio en piezas de plástico transparente. Simplemente sumerja y deje secar durante unos minutos. La botella es gruesa para sumergir las piezas sin problema. Limpie el exceso alrededor de los bordes para lograr una capa uniforme. Para mejores resultados, permita que el producto se seque en un ambiente libre de polvo. Este producto, cuando se aplica a plástico transparente, dará como resultado una apariencia realista de vidrio en partes como cubiertas de cabina de plástico transparente u otras partes transparentes.




    Special Product.


    High quality product to create a protective and very realistic glossy sheen to areas where applied. This product also serves as a protective layer for the paint underneath. Apply in the way you would with any varnish. Apply and let dry for a few minutes. This product can also serve as a perfect finishing touch for metallic paints such as AK Interactive Xtreme Metal. Apply Gauzy Agent to any single part or sections of your model that are begging for an incredible transparent shine. With self-leveling properties, it can be applied with brush or airbrush.



    Producto Especial.


    Producto de alta calidad diseñado crear una capa brillo muy realista en las áreas donde se aplica. Este producto también sirve como una capa protectora para la pintura previa. Aplicar como lo harías con cualquier otro barniz. Aplicar y dejar secar unos minutos. Este producto también puede servir como toque final para las pinturas metálicas AK Interactive Xtreme Metal. Aplique Gauzy Agent a cualquier parte o sección de su modelo que requieran un brillo transparente increíble. Con propiedades autonivelantes, se puede aplicar con pincel o aerógrafo.





    Special Product.


    100ml bottle. High quality acrylic resin to mix with pigments to fix textures and with a matte finish. TEXTURIZER can be used to make terrains and lower parts of vehicles.



    Producto Especial.


    Botella de 100 ml. Resina acrílica de alta calidad para mezclar con pigmentos para fijar texturas y con un acabado mate. TEXTURIZER puede usarse para hacer terrenos y partes inferiores de vehículos.

  • decal adapter solution



    Liquid to adapt your decals to any surface. Wet the decal with the solution and a brush after place it. Leave for a few minutes, then with the help of the brush, adapt it to the surface to fully integrate it. With this product no decal will resist, no matter how complicated the surface be. And only with one product!

  • drying retarder



    Liquid to slow down the drying times for any acrylic paint. To use simply add a few drops to your airbrush and will prevent fast drying at the tip of the airbrush especially in high temperature conditions.
    Also can be used to apply with brush to get glazing effects, or just delay dry in a controled way. Non-toxic and odorless.

  • Paint Stripper



    Special Product.


    The definitive liquid to strip the paint completely or selectively from models or figures without damaging the plastic, resin or white metal.



    Producto Especial.


    El líquido definitivo para quitar la pintura por completo o selectivamente de modelos o figuras sin dañar el plástico, la resina o el metal blanco.

  • Gravel and Sand Fixer



    Adhesive to fix down all kinds of earth, gravel, small stones, sand, etc to your bases. This special adhesive, with an alcohol base, is much more effective than the traditional white glue. The white glue tends to leave a plastic finish over the surface giving an unreal aspect and also tends not to expand well through the material. But this new adhesive expands rapidly and is adsorbed by the stones and sand saving a lot of time when fixing down rubble for example. This product is easily cleaned using alcohol, can be applied using an airbrush or paint brush and the drying process can be accelerated with a hairdryer or any other type of heat source. Although it’s matt when it dries, on smooth surfaces it can leave a light satin mark, however, this can be removed with a matt varnish.
    Original product of AK-interactive, don’t choose copies.

  • Weathering Plaster Base



    A must have product for any modeler who wants to add volume to their mud and soil mixtures whether is for a diorama or to be splashed on to their vehicle. Mix the plaster in with any of our high quality Nature Effects line of different types of mud, earth, dust and soil. The combinations are endless. If your mixture is too thick you can dilute it with white spirit. If is too thin, add more plaster. Either paint your mixture on to your diorama or load a paint brush with your mixture and using your airbrush, blow short bursts of air at the brush to recreate splatters.




    High quality pigment fixer for modeling.


    Recommended product to adhere pigments to the surfaces of your models and bases. Use capillary effect to allow fluid to flow over pigment powder. Once dried, pigments are permanently adhered to the surface and return to dry color.


    Fijador de Pigmento de alta calidad para modelismo.


    Producto recomendado para adherir pigmentos a las superficies de sus modelos y bases. Use el efecto por capilaridad para permitir que el fluido fluya sobre el polvo de pigmento. Una vez secos, los pigmentos se adhieren permanentemente a la superficie y vuelven al color seco.




    New formula, improved, faster and at a more competitive price. This liquid will darken the photo etch brass parts, and also barrels of machine guns and tank barrels. The end result with brass parts is a finish which is very similar to steel.

    It is highly recommended to darken your photo-etch parts before use.



    Nueva fórmula, mejorada, más rápida y a un precio más competitivo. Este líquido oscurecerá las piezas de latón de fotograbado, también barriles de ametralladoras y los barriles de los tanques. El resultado final con piezas de latón es un acabado muy similar al acero.

    Se recomienda encarecidamente oscurecer las piezas de fotograbado antes de usar.

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Buy the newest basics with the best sales and promotions. Find cheap offers for basics in our online store.

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