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Buy Eagle Aviation products in our online store. Browse our wide selection of Eagle Aviation products and find the best deals for your modeling paints and tools.
  • Viper under the skin, F-16

    Sold out

    EA 16

    30,00 22,50

    In this 100+ pages publication by EagleAviation, the modeler will enjoy around 420 photographs that cover the entire famous jet including the external details, the cockpit, the radar, the avionics, the engines and engine bays, maintenance panels as well as various weapons used. Photos from the jet’s new upgrades such as Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFTs) and F-16D dorsal spine are also included.

    As it is designed to be the modelers’ best guide for the F-16, a lot of panoramic and close up photos revealing interesting and less photographed angles of the jet are included. Additional photos regarding F-16’s CFTs as well as ordnance in service with many Air Forces around the world such as AIM-120C, AIM-9M, AIM-2000 IRIS-T, GBU-24/10, AGM-88 as well as AGM-154C JSOW can also be found in this magnificent photo manual.

    The book is by no means an exhaustive F-16 variant guide. It is rather a superb reference photo manual including block 30, 50, 52 as well as 52M examples in service with the Hellenic (Greek) Air Force. However, as these versions / blocks are in use with a large number of Air Forces globally it can act as a unique reference book for every modeler (and not only!) wishing to build a truly detailed and accurate F-16 in scale. Brief captions instead of long text boxes are located in selected parts of the book in an attempt to maximize the available space and include as many photos as possible.

    A great addition to any F-16 fan across the globe!

  • 340 Squadron, 60 years

    EA 340 SQDR

    25,00 18,75

    An epic picture book commemorating the 60 years of 340 Squadron featured by dynamic photography, color profiles and authoritative text. In the 86 full color pages the hard-covered book demonstrates the operations of the most dedicated night strike unit in the Hellenic Air Force. Take the hot seat in the cockpit of the F-16 block52+ and experience the thrill of action along with some of the most capable warriors of the skies!

  • 341 Squadron, 60 years

    EA 341 SQDR

    25,00 18,75

    Commemorating the 60th anniversary of 341 Squadron
    90 pages
    Hard cover
    Bilingual, English – Greek


  • Phantom under the skin, F-4E

    EA F-4E

    32,00 24,00

    Discover the mighty F-4E Phantom in this new unprecedented “Under The Skin” series book! 108 pages and hundreds of photographs captured by one of the world’s leading aviation photographers illustrate in extreme detail every corner of the jet.

    The book covers the F-4E AUP in Hellenic Air Force service but will also become a valuable reference asset for any gun nosed Rhino.

    External details, walkaround, cockpits, engines and engine bays, access panels, fuel lines, landing gear, exhaust nozzles and all the modern ordnance are thoroughly described down the last detail.

    “Phantom Under The Skin” is the must companion for all modelers and Phantom enthusiasts! Take the challenge to build the ultimate scale Phantom or expand your knowledge around the McDonnel Douglas masterpiece discovering features around the jet that have never before published! Take the challenge to build the ultimate Phantom model or extend your knowledge about the McDonnell Douglas design!

  • Fighter weapons school, Hellenic AIR Force supreme training unit

    EA FWS

    32,00 24,00

    Hellenic Air Force Supreme training Unit
    Hellenic Air Force at its best! Action photography aboard the fighters of Fighter Weapons School, the Hellenic “Top Gun”!  120 thrilling pages of fighter and helicopter operations for the most advanced training unit in the Hellenic Air Force. F-16s, F-15s, Mirage 2000s, F-4s, RF-4s, Super Pumas, Apaches and many more illustrated with dynamic action photography.  Take the hot seat with some of the best pilots in the globe and relive aerial encounters at 45,000ft, or fly down low on the deck to strike enemy air defenses! Escort helicopters over hostile waters and attack warships over the Aegean!

    120 pages
    Hard cover
    A4 landscape format
    8500 words of authoritative text 
    Bilingual, English – Greek

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Buy Eagle Aviation products in our online store. Browse our wide selection of Eagle Aviation products and find the best deals for your modeling paints and tools.

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