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  • universal work holder



    A very useful tool perfect for holding small and odd-shaped parts for filing, painting, engraving, sawing, shaping etc. The four steel pins can be placed anywhere around the head and are also useful for bending and forming wire around. Handle can be removed and the head can then be locked in a bench vice.




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    The mechanical pencil for weathering leads is the perfect tool to prevent your leads break or split. Above all with the soft leads which due to their pigment  are weaker.

    *The mechanical pencil has a maximum diameter of 5.6mm.


    Steps to use it properly:

    1. Press the back button to open the front hooks.
    2. Insert your lead until it reaches near the tip.
    3. Use it in your models for weathering with total safety.



    El portaminas para weathering leads es la herramienta perfecta para prevenir que tus minas se rompan o se partan. Sobre todo las minas blandas que debido a sus pigmentos son mas débiles.

    *El portaminas tiene un diámetro máximo de 5.6mm.


    Pasos para su correcto uso:

    1. Presione el botón trasero para abrir los ganchos delanteros.
    2. Inserte su mina hasta que alcance el otro extremo.
    3. Úselo en tus modelos para envejecerlos con total seguridad.

  • Easycutting TYPE 1



    This easycuting boards are re-usable and you only need to pay one time for this tool and have a good laser-carved base that will last forever ready to make all kinds of masks. The new Korean technology allow us to use this tools created specially for our hobby.

  • Easycutting TYPE 2



    This easycuting boards are re-usable and you only need to pay one time for this tool and have a good laser-carved base that will last forever ready to make all kinds of masks. The new Korean technology allow us to use this tools created specially for our hobby.




    The glass fibre pencil is used in the modelling world to perform precision sanding work, to realize stressed panels and simulating the dents in sheets metal in an easy and controllable way. To eliminate glue spills before the painting process and thus avoid unwanted effects, for this and many other uses.

    The fibre tip that can be replaced by a new one when worn out.

    Refill this tool clicking here


    *Recommendable: Work in glasses and gloves, and thoroughly clean the workplace with vacuum cleaner after finishing the job. The small pieces of glass fibre that crumble during the sanding process, can be really dangerous.

    *Take a look to the #english video

    *Echa un ojo al video en #español


    Sold out



    The Wet Palette is a tool mainly used by figure painters, but more and more it is being used by people that paint with acrylics. It will extend the useful life of any acrylic so that it can be used for hours and once shut it will preserve the colors and color mixtures. It can be kept in the fridge.

    It has three components:

    1.Sponge, to hold large quantities of water, since it is quite thick.

    2.Cloth made of fiber, placed on top of the sponge as a leveler, humidity filter, and as an interchangeable element in case of stains or if not used for a long time.

    3.High quality special Paper, made of a fine silicone film, allows the transfer of humidity but prevents water forming and paints from dissolving, and does not give off any fibers not hairs when worked with the brushes.

    The Wet Palette is watertight and airtight, made of the same material of marine containers for flares, charts, and medicines. Its locks guarantee the seal. This extends the life of paints, especially in Summer, hot climates, and under extreme conditions.

    *Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 4 cm.


    It contains:


    📑· Need more info? Click here

  • 3 glass fiber refill



    This blister includes 3 glass fibre refill parts for use with the reference AK-8058. The fiberglass tips allow to scrub and sand the surface and are a very useful tool for modellers. Use protections for hands and eyes when using this tool.

    *Includes 3 refills 4mm

  • WIPE



    Wet palette replacement




    Wet palette replacement, 40 units.

  • FOAM



    Wet palette replacement.




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    Our paint wells are everlasting tools that no bench should be without!

    The 12 metal wells included in this set can be used for any type of paints and related products: enamels, acrylics, lacquers, alcohol, acetone or any other type of thinner. They allow us to prepare a variety of mixtures at the same time.



    ¡Nuestros pozos de pintura son herramientas eternas que ningún banco de trabajo debería prescindir!

    Los 12 pozos metálicos incluidos en este conjunto se pueden usar para cualquier tipo de pinturas y productos relacionados: esmaltes, acrílicos, lacas, alcohol, acetona o cualquier otro tipo de diluyente. Nos permiten preparar una variedad de mezclas al mismo tiempo.




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    These stirring bars are made from stainless steel, and are therefore very resistant and can be used with no risk for mixing any of your preferred paints and related products. These tools will allow you to comfortably mix your paints, and also make adding the particular colors to the mixtures in a very precise way a lot easier!



    Estas barras de agitación están hechas de acero inoxidable y, por lo tanto, son muy resistentes y se pueden usar sin riesgo para mezclar cualquiera de sus pinturas preferidas y productos relacionados. ¡Estas herramientas le permitirán mezclar cómodamente sus pinturas y también facilitarán la adición de los colores particulares a las mezclas de una manera muy precisa!




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    These four tools can be used to carve the foam and for modeling of figures and accesories. They have the most useful types of tips for carving and shaping your models, bases, foams and other materials. These tools are made of stainless steel and it is recommended to always wash them with soap and water after using these with any material, and dry them well with a soft cloth. This set comes in a handy and solid aluminium box.


    Estas cuatro herramientas pueden usarse para tallar el foam y para el modelado de figuras. Tienen los tipos de puntas mas útiles para poder realizar todo tipo de efectos en la talla y en el modelado. Estas herramients son de acero inoxidable y es recomendable lavarlas con agua y jabón siempre después de usar estas con cualquier material y secarlas bien con un paño suave. Se presentan en una práctica y sólida caja de aluminio.

  • Hobby Cutting Mat

    Sold out

    MM MTS-021

  • Precision hobby pin vise set

    Sold out

    MM MTS-023


    *Also contains different drill bill set from 0.04mm to 1.3mm.

  • Precision hobby drill bill set

    Sold out

    MM MTS-023A


    *Contains different drill bill from 0.04mm to 1.3mm

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