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    This DVD was produced with the ship modeler in mind. See how to weather ships in a realistic, simple, and effective way. This is a visual step-by-step showing the modeler how to create the weathered and worn look which is so common after ships have been in the water. This DVD covers different techniques and types of wear from a simple ship that has been out on the water for a few days to the more complex battle hardened veteran of the seas. Although this DVD is about ship weathering, the tips and techniques can be applied to many other subjects and scales.





    This DVD narrates all the secrets and techniques to paint winter vehicles. Detailed explanations for all processes like the base color, fading, mud, dust, chipping and more. Many new techniques explained like the famous “hairspray” technique, streaking effects and mud. This DVD covers three different camo schemes: very faded winter camo over green, new winter camo over dark yellow and white snakes over dark yellow.

    Narrated in English with Spanish subtitles.




    Este DVD narra todos los secretos y técnicas para pintar vehículos de invierno. Explicaciones detalladas para todos los procesos como el color base, desvanecimiento, barro, polvo, astillado y más. Muchas técnicas nuevas se explican como la famosa técnica de “laca para el cabello”, efectos de rayas y barro. Este DVD cubre tres esquemas diferentes de camuflaje: camuflaje de invierno muy descolorido sobre verde, camuflaje de invierno nuevo sobre amarillo oscuro y serpientes blancas sobre amarillo oscuro.

    Narrado en inglés con subtítulos en español.

  • GTR Boxer Photo (PAL)




    This DVD covers the Modern German BTR Boxer with hundreds of photographs of the impressive BOXER, the newest transport vehicle in the German army. The BOXER has also participated in Afghanistan with a desert camouflage. This DVD in PAL format contains hundreds of photos of all its details such as the suspension, interior, armor, crew and troops and has the A1 Afghanistan version as well as the A0. This DVD also contains software to see the photographs in transparent mode or in gallery mode. Also, all the photographs are high definition with watermarks so you can print them using your own printer and can make enlargements of the details that are of the most interest to you when you are building your model. The content of this DVD is the equivalent of 4 books of 76 pages, but at a much lower price. If what you are looking for is the best photographic references at an affordable price, this is the option for you. This all new series is the most innovative & thorough reference available for modelers & historians.

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