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Carving Foam 10mm A4 size


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This product is a phenolic foam that can be used for creating various structures such as buildings, walls, pavements etc. In comparison with our Construction Foam, the Carving Foam is more rigid and resistant and has a finer grain, allowing the creation of more precise details. It can be combined with other types of foam, cork, plastic, metal and other materials.


*Watch a video on how to use this product here.



Este producto es una espuma fenólica que se puede utilizar para crear diversas estructuras, como edificios, paredes, pavimentos, etc. Se puede combinar con otros tipos de espuma, corcho, plástico, metal y con otros materiales.


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Weight 0,14 kg
Dimensions 22,8 × 30,4 × 1 cm

10mm, A4

Sheet Type


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