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    23,95 21,55

    English / Spanish / German / French. 124 Pages. Soft Cover.


    Mastering Oils 1, Oil Painting Techniques on AFVs, is the first one of a master series dealing with all the techniques necessary to control oil painting. In this first one the master modeler Joaquín García Gázquez shows us how to use oils in the correct way; how to mix them, how to apply them, which tools are the best for handling them. All the possibilities regarding oils applied on armored fighting vehicles with step by step guides. A masterpiece which will be very useful for any modeler.
    Follow along with Joaquín García Gázquez as he describes all the necessary techniques to master the kind of tools for applying, mixing, etc. Take your model to the next level and achieve extreme reality with this must-have guide to oil techniques.





    Inglés / Español / Alemán / Francés. 124 Páginas. Tapa blanda.


    Mastering Oils 1, Técnicas de pintura al óleo en AFV, es la primera de una serie maestra que trata todas las técnicas necesarias para controlar la pintura al óleo. En esta primera, el maestro modelista Joaquín García Gázquez nos muestra cómo usar los óleos de la manera correcta; cómo mezclarlos, cómo aplicarlos, qué herramientas son las mejores para manejarlos. Todas las posibilidades con respecto a los óleos aplicados en vehículos blindados de combate con guías paso a paso. Una obra maestra que será muy útil para cualquier modelista.
    Siga junto con Joaquín García Gázquez mientras describe todas las técnicas necesarias para dominar el tipo de herramientas para aplicar, mezclar, etc. Lleve su modelo al siguiente nivel y alcance una realidad extrema con esta guía imprescindible para las técnicas de óleos.




    4,95 4,45

    The sixth issue of Damaged magazine brings you no less than eight articles written by some of the best modelers from around the world. George Mefsut, the editor, again invites us to a great journey through different modeling genres and really uncommon subjects: from a steampunk flying apparatus, through both realistic and sci-fi vignettes featuring figures of various civil vehicles, to a diorama inspired by 3D art from the pop-culture dystopia series created by the Czech artist Filip Hodas.

    All of this is presented on high quality photos which form step by step guides that explain different building, painting and weathering techniques, including interesting tips and tricks.



    – Happy Forever
    – M30
    – Loot
    – Citroen 2CV Club
    – To hot to dig for giants – What a bad luck
    – Danger streets
    – Icarus


    59,00 53,10

    English / Spanish. 348 Pages. Hard Cover.


    This book is a result of an extended research on the history and organization of the armoured divisions of the Wehrmacht from its creation in 1935, until the end of World War II. It also covers the different models of AFVs that were a part of the material delivered to these divisions. Included are several organization charts, colour profiles and more than 280 archive photos, many of these previously unpublished. To complete the study, a chapter devoted to uniforms is also incorporated.

    Launched under Abteilung502 brand is a perfect tool for modelers, and a precious book for history enthusiasts.





    Inglés / Español. 348 Páginas. Tapa dura.


    Este libro es el resultado de una extensa investigación sobre la historia y la organización de las divisiones blindadas de la Wehrmacht desde su creación en 1935, hasta el final de la Segunda Guerra Mundial. También cubre los diferentes modelos de AFV que fueron parte del material entregado a estas divisiones. Se incluyen varios organigramas, perfiles de color y más de 280 fotos de archivo, muchas de ellas inéditas. Para completar el estudio, también se incorpora un capítulo dedicado a los uniformes.

    Lanzado bajo la marca Abteilung502, es una herramienta perfecta para los modeladores y un libro precioso para los entusiastas de la historia.




    22,95 20,65

    English / Spanish. 108 pages. Hard cover.

    Although the German Army used only a handful of tanks during the Word War I, they still get a lot of interest from modellers and historians. This publication gives an insight into the tank service in the Germany Army in 1917-1918, and provides a detailed look at the history and painting schemes of the only combat-used tank that had been manufactured in Germany during World War I, the A7V. A number of captured tanks that had been used by the Germans, are also covered.

    The book is lavishly illustrated with rare archive photos, numerous colour profiles and scale drawings in 1:35 and 1:87 scale.



    Inglés / Español. 108 páginas. Tapa dura.

    Aunque el ejército alemán usó solo un puñado de tanques durante la Primera Guerra Mundial, aún despiertan mucho interés de los modeladores e historiadores. Esta publicación da una idea del servicio de tanques en el ejército de Alemania en 1917-1918, y proporciona una visión detallada de la historia y los esquemas de pintura del único tanque usado en combate que había sido fabricado en Alemania durante la Primera Guerra Mundial, el A7V. También están cubiertos varios tanques capturados que habían sido utilizados por los alemanes.

    El libro está lujosamente ilustrado con fotos de archivo raras, numerosos perfiles de color y dibujos a escala en escala 1:35 y 1:87.



    4,95 4,45

    Description language || Idioma de la descripción:



    English & Spanish. 68 pages. Soft cover.

    For the seventh issue of Damaged magazine our editor George Mefsut prepared seven articles, which are again devoted to subjects that are less commonly seen in other publications. This includes a post apocalyptic vignette featuring a robot, a racing car converted into a hover car, a space shuttle from the Star Wars universum, a WWII aircraft drop tank converted into a vehicle, an atmospheric ‘bird-watching trip’ diorama, a scratch-built propeller-driven land vehicle, and the famous Chucky doll figure.

    All articles are written in step-by-step style and are illustrated with high quality photos, allowing to explain different building, painting and weathering techniques and notice interesting details created by the authors.



    Inglés Español. 68 páginas. Tapa blanda.

    Para el séptimo número de la revista Damaged, nuestro editor George Mefsut preparó siete artículos, que nuevamente están dedicados a temas que se ven con menos frecuencia en otras publicaciones. Esto incluye una viñeta post-apocalíptica con un robot, un automóvil de carreras convertido en un automóvil estacionario, un transbordador espacial del universo de Star Wars, un tanque de combustible externo de aviones de la Segunda Guerra Mundial convertido en un vehículo, un atmosférico diorama sobre  un ‘viaje de observación de aves’, un ingenioso vehículo terrestre impulsado por hélice y la famosa figura del muñeco Chucky.

    Todos los artículos están escritos en estilo paso a paso y se ilustran con fotos de alta calidad, lo que permite explicar diferentes técnicas de construcción, pintura y envejecimiento y observar detalles interesantes creados por los autores.


    26,95 24,25

    English / Spanish. 128 pages. Hard cover.


    During the Great War, the assault tanks in the German Army merely played an anecdotal role. Due to the restrictions enforced by the Treaty of Versailles, the first training unit for armoured forces wasn’t organised (secretly) until 1933. The existence of the first three Panzerdivisionen of that new German Army was officially revealed in 1935. The armoured troops or Panzertruppen were an independent branch of the Army, with their own command. This allowed concentrating the tanks in divisions so units were capable of significantly strategic deployments. General Heinz Guderian forged both words: Panzerwaffe to refer to the armoured force and
    Panzertruppen to identify the elitist armoured troops which would conquer half of Europe in the following years.
    The evolution of the camouflage schemes painted in tanks and vehicles of German armoured units is analysed in the book along with the organisation of these German units during WWI and WWII and the whole interwar period.



    Inglés / Español. 128 páginas. Tapa Dura.


    Durante la Gran Guerra, los tanques de asalto en el ejército alemán simplemente jugaron un papel anecdótico. Debido a las restricciones impuestas por el Tratado de Versalles, la primera unidad de entrenamiento para las fuerzas blindadas no se organizó (lo hizo en secreto) hasta 1933. La existencia de las primeras tres Panzerdivisionen de ese nuevo ejército alemán se reveló oficialmente en 1935. Las tropas blindadas o Panzertruppen eran una rama independiente del ejército, con su propio mando. Esto permitió concentrar los tanques en divisiones para que las unidades fueran capaces de despliegues significativamente estratégicos. El general Heinz Guderian acuñó ambas palabras: Panzerwaffe para referirse a la fuerza blindada y Panzertruppen para identificar las tropas blindadas elitistas que conquistarían la mitad de Europa en
    los años siguientes.
    La evolución de los esquemas de camuflaje pintados en tanques y vehículos de unidades blindadas alemanas se analiza en este libro. Junto con la organización de éstas unidades alemanas durante
    la Primera y la Segunda Guerra Mundial y todo el período de entreguerras.


  • Snow White


    3,90 3,51

    Essential colour for your scenes. It can also be used to enhance, mix, and the illumination of other colours. A basic colour for the modeler.

  • Sepia


    3,90 3,51

    This is a colour that no modeler should be without. When mixed with Matte Thinner Sepia perfectly replicates dry oil and diesel fuel stains; as well, it is great for panel lines and the fine details of small parts.

  • Dust


    3,90 3,51

    This very popular and highly versatile colour perfectly simulates the subtle effect of accumulated dust; making it a must have for all segments of modeling. Its single shade tone makes it perfect for mixing with other colours allowing the modeler to achieve a wide range of different tones.

  • Bitume


    3,90 3,51

    A useful dark tone necessary when working with dark colours, or enhancing panel lines. Bitumen, through the use of specific washes, allows the modeler to increase the depth of dark colours in areas that have little illumination.

  • Smoke

    Sold out


    3,90 3,51

    A great product for the perfect simulation of exhaust soot on your models, but the uses don’t stop there, Smoke is useful on wheels, engines and of course burnt vehicles. For subtle variety of exhaust tones, Smoke can be used to create washes and dark filters for exhaust staining on aircraft.

  • Burnt Umber


    3,90 3,51

    A classic, must have, multipurpose colour that can be used alone or combined with other colours for the creation of various effects. Burnt Umber is a neutral/ dark tone making it perfect for enhancing volume on sand colours and on any type of accessories.

  • Raw Umber


    3,90 3,51

    One of the most popular colour for most modelers around the world; Raw Umber is a great choice making light colours darker, and dark colours lighter. Various effects can be created from different combinations for earth tones, washes and filters.

  • Abteilung Keyholder


    2,50 2,25

    One more reason not to lose your keys. Keep your hobby close to you with this exclusive key chain available with silver lettering.

  • Yellow


    3,90 3,51

    Perfect to create colour variations on brown and sand tones and on different green tones as well.

  • Shadow Brown


    3,90 3,51

    A basic colour especially created to add shades on your model’s fine details. Its developed tone makes it perfect to create different shadows as well as filters. Also when combining with other browns it will enhance chromatic variation on your models.

  • Abteilung Catalogue

    Sold out


    2,00 1,80


    High quality print catalogue showing all Abteilung goods, plus many related tutorials and models, figures, vignettes and dioramas painted with oils.

    28 pages

  • ABTEILUNG 502 – Catalogue 2018 (L.E)


    2,00 1,80

    The latest catalogue from ABTEILUNG502 for the present year 2018 is already available with a limited edition oriented to collectors. All the latest new products from the luxury modelism brand published in 38 pages with a carefully edition.

    *Available language: English.

  • ABTEILUNG 502 – Catalogue 2019-2020 (L.E)


    2,00 1,80

    Description language || Idioma de la descripción:



    The latest catalogue from ABTEILUNG502 for the present year 2019 is already available with a limited edition oriented to collectors. All the latest new products from the luxury modelism brand published in 40 pages with a carefully edition.


    *Available language: English.

    *Free downloadable catalogue here



    El último catálogo de ABTEILUNG502 para el presente año 2019 ya está disponible con una edición limitada orientada a coleccionistas. Todos los últimos productos nuevos de la marca de modelismo de lujo publicados en 40 páginas con una edición cuidadosa.


    *Idioma disponible: Inglés.

    *Descarga gratuita del catálogo aquí

  • Faded Dark Yellow


    3,90 3,51

    An ideal colour to darken sand yellow tones and create different colour combinations for dust effects. Also very useful to create shades in yellowish colours for figures, flags or any piece painted with yellow tones. Warm colours are also indicated to illuminate panels and areas with higher incidence of light.

  • Warm Red


    3,90 3,51

    Perfect colour to enrich models painted with a red primer base and to create several different effects on them. Also perfect to work on figures with brown or redish uniforms and add areas with more light. Also recommendable to highlight details on different elements of dioramas such walls, roof tiles, etc.

  • Faded Navy Blue


    3,90 3,51

    This is the perfect colour to combine and achieve different colour variations on Panzer gray in order to improve your winter scenes. It can also be used to add depth or creating increases and decreases of light on figures with blue uniforms. On small scale ships it can be blended with other blue tones and applied on the gray ship hulls to achieve more volumes and differentiate areas as the bridge and other structures.

  • Buff


    3,90 3,51

    Suitable to mix with all the base colours and create dirt and dust effects. Thanks to its light tone you will achieve shadow areas on white or light gray parts. Very useful to illuminate certain parts on brown, sand or tri-tone camouflages vehicles.

  • Faded Green


    3,90 3,51

    A perfect colour to be use on nature scenes, river banks, moss accumulations, rain effects, etc. Also suitable for green vehicles and figures with green uniforms of any period in order to differentiate and contrast different áreas.

  • Olive Green


    3,90 3,51

    A basic colour that allows us to increase vividness on our olive green models. It can also be used for uniforms and vegetation painting. Combining it with other shades of green will add higher tone variation and the final result will be richer.

  • Light Rust


    3,90 3,51

    Perfect colour to simulate light rust effects and also to work on metallic structures, exhausts, etc. It is recommended to combine with different rust tones to achieve more realistic finishes. Rust colours are indicated to apply washes on many parts of any vehicles, and thanks to the colour vividness of the oil paint, the results will be outstanding

  • Dark Rust


    3,90 3,51

    A very realistic dark rust tone, perfect for creating rust effects found on various types of metal, such as exhaust pipes … For best resuIts we recommended using it in combination with other shades of rust to achieve highly realistic finishes.

  • Brown Wash


    3,90 3,51

    An ideal colour for creating variations in tone on models that have been painted in light colours. Once applied, the subtle effects reveal a very realistic finish.

  • Industrial Earth


    3,90 3,51

    Shades of brown are amongst the most frequently used shades for modelling effects. A few of the most common uses are weathering details around tracks, wheels, landing gear bays, ground, soil and dirty, the list is nearly endless … This color simulates the earth over industrial areas.

  • Ocher


    3,90 3,51

    A classic colour for achieving a multitude of effects; use it together with other colours. Light brown and cream tones are perfect for weathering models painted in either dark or light colours.

  • Earth


    3,90 3,51

    A special colour, ideal for creating subtle ground effects. Colours that mimic these effects can be used in any segment of modelling making them very popular. A basic weathering colour used on the lower surfaces of vehicles; or any surface prone to the accumulation of mud and dirt. It can be used alone; however, for the most realistic finish and tonal richness we recommend combining it with other colours.

  • Green Grass


    3,90 3,51

    Perfect colour to develop lights and shadows or faded effects of Green colours. It also looks fantastic on green figures when looking for extra luminosity.

  • Neutral Grey


    3,90 3,51

    With this neutral gray in combination with other tones to you will be able to create lights and shadows on was ships, aircrafts, sci-fi or figures with dark uniforms. It is also suitable to create washes and filters to use over red, yellow, black or blue colours and to decorate their different areas. It is recommended to use it to enrich or degrade camouflage gray and combine with other colours. A staple colour for modelers.

  • Black


    3,90 3,51

    Perfect for extreme weathering effects, for panel darkening and to work on very dark surfaces. It is also used to provide depth in the hidden areas and to darken other colours adding tone variation on abandoned and destroyed vehicles. Works using pure black often result in harsh and exaggerated in combination with other colours, but this colour is ideal over dark gray tones to create the shadow areas.

  • Odourless Thinner

    Sold out


    5,90 5,31

    The best odourless thinner on the market from best elite brand. The special features of this solvent, thanks to its ultra soft formulation and high quality, make this product the best choice for any type of filter or wash in combination with any of market paints, without surprises caused by oil paints problems. An essential product that will never disappoint you.

  • Matt Effect Thinner


    5,90 5,31

    Our famous Thinner with its usual features for adding a matte finish on your washes, filters, oils paints…. Its ultra soft formulation and highest quality made it the best choice for any type of filter or wash in combination with any paint product in the market without surprises caused by oils paints problems. Due to its composition it can shows certain grounds that dissolve easily by just shaking the jar.

  • Fast Dry Thinner


    5,90 5,31

    Thinner medium for oil colours specially designed to improve and shorten the drying time of the washes, filters and glazes. It accelerates drying of any oil colours and enamel paints in the market. It doesn´t change or modify the quality characteristics of the oils pigments, and allows to obtain undertones and permanent washes. It doesn´t get yellowish or crack. Dries quickly to add more flexibility and agility to your works.

  • Magic Gel for Brushes


    6,50 5,85

    For precision works is necessary to keep the tip of your brushes in a perfect state. This gel is indicated to keep the tip sharp and in perfect use condition with all brushes fibers compacted and never open or deformed. With this gel you will keep your brushes always like new ones after using and cleaning them (it can be used after the application of our ABT117 Magic Potion for Brushes or any other chemical or natural cleaner).

  • Liquid Mask


    6,50 5,85

    Liquid mask is quite popular among modelers for protecting parts that don’t need to be painted. Our liquid mask has a characteristic blue tone and sweet smell of vanilla, is not aggressive and will not cause damage even on clear plastic parts. It dries quickly leaving the masked surface free of paint, and finally it can be removed as a thin elastic film.

  • Purifier Hand Cleaner


    6,50 5,85

    Surfactants-active nonionic gel, especially designed for the care of hands and utensils after using oil paints. You don´t need to use water, just apply and rub and dry it with a suitable cloth piece.Suitable only for the most elite modelers.

  • Magic Potion for Brushes


    6,50 5,85

    This high quality cleaner and restorer for brushes is indicated for modellers that want to have their brushes like new ones again. It contain no solvents no alcohols that can damage synthetic or natural brush´s hair. It´s recommended to dip the tip of the brush in this liquid for 24 hours for deep cleaning and restoration, and repeat the process if necessary with seriously damaged brushes. This product will extend the life of your brushes more than any other cleaner. Used in combination with the ABT 114 Magic Gel for brushes it will keep your brushes as new as the first day.

  • Red Primer


    3,90 3,51

    This colour can be used in a wide variety of situations and it is ideal for vehicles that need red priming, ship hulls, sci-fi models, for combining on figure clothing, red parts or layers, for the dotting and mapping techniques, etc.

  • Light Mud


    3,90 3,51

    A basic in weathering processes, adding realism to the underside of dirty vehicles when used on a subtle way. A special colour to create mud accumulation effects. It can be mixed with plaster and other colours like ABT130 Dark Mud to achieve a wide tone variety, or worked with varnishes in order to achieve humid or dry effect. Lighter mud colours are usually used over the darker tones on splashes or side areas of the splattered parts in order to simulate dry mud.

  • Dark Mud


    3,90 3,51

    A basic in weathering processes, adding realism underneath the dirty vehicles or on snowed terrains. It is recommended to combine with ABT125 Light Mud or plaster to achieve higher richness on finishes. Darker mud colours are usually used under the lighter mud colours on splashes and the inside of the affected areas in order to simulate fresh mud.

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