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  • Brand: AK
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  • Brand: AK
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    Brand: AK
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  • Brand: AK
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  • AK4060
    Brand: AK
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  • AK3009
    Brand: AK

    A really useful tool which is perfect for holding small and odd-shaped parts for filing, painting, engraving, sawing, shaping etc. The four steel pins can be placed anywhere around the head and are also useful for bending and forming wire around. Handle can be removed and the head can then be locked in a bench vice.

    Earn 200 AK Points
    19,95 €
    Brand: AK

    A brand new book

    with many new techniques.This book

    covers in detail Modulation Style, Streaking effects, Salt technique,Hairspray technique, etc.This new limited edition of FAQ 2 features

    improved step-by-step guides covering areas of weathering such mud, dust, rust,

    chipping, oil, fuel, etc.There is an

    entire chapter devoted to dioramas and their composition.Consider this book as the Bible of

    modeling.Everyone should have one.This definitive modeling guide is where you

    will find many different examples explaining the same technique.Choose the method that?s right for you. More

    than 1400 color photos and over 300 pages explaining all new techniques and

    some of the classic ones too.

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    57,00 €
  • AK071
    Brand: AK

    This product allows us to change subtly the tone of base color of

    our vehicle making it a more accurate and authentic colour. At the same

    time the filter adds depth and richness to our vehicle, preparing it

    for the next paint steps.

    Earn 35 AK Points
    3,50 €