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Large Wooden Boxes 1/35


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Wooden boxes.
The kit consists of the parts to assemble the boxes, these can be assembled closed or open.
The kit contains two boxes.
1 box of 75x45x48 mm  (2.95×1.77×1.89 in)
1 box of 58x31x27 mm  (2.28×1.22×1.06 in)
A decal sheet with different pictograms is included.
Kit made of high quality resin.
Figure not included.



Cajas de madera.
El kit consta de las piezas para montar las cajas, estas se pueden montar cerradas o abiertas.
El kit contiene dos cajas.
1 caja de 75x45x48 mm (2,95×1,77×1,89 in)
1 caja de 58x31x27 mm (2,28×1,22×1,06 in)
Se incluye una hoja de calcas con diferentes pictogramas.
Kit fabricado en resina de alta calidad.
Figura no incluida.


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Weight 0,035 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm


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