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Figures Series Bag Limited Edition


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High quality stitched bag to transport paints; american size compatible with the Battlefoam measures. Special format for air transport.

Dimensions 44x34x20

39 acrylic colors, 3 Filters, 2 foams for 35ml jars and 2 foams for 17ml jars.

Contains the paints from the sets:

AK3001 Panzer Crew Black Uniforms.
AK3010 Flesh and Skin Colors.
AK3020 M-44 Camouflage uniform.
AK3030 Leather and Buckles.
AK3040 Splittermuster Unifrom Color.
AK3080 WWI British Uniforms.
AK3090 WWI German Uniforms.
AK3100 WWI French Uniforms.
AK3008 Uniform Definition Filter.
Filters: AK3017, AK3018, AK3019.
Acrylics: AK3002, AK3003, AK3004, AK3005, AK3006, AK3007, AK3011, AK3012, AK3013, AK3014, AK3015, AK3016, AK3021, AK3022, AK3023, AK3024, AK3025, AK3026, AK3031, AK3032, AK3033, AK3034, AK3035, AK3036, AK3041, AK3042, AK3043, AK3044, AK3045, AK3046, AK3081, AK3082, AK3083, AK3091, AK3092, AK3093, AK3101, AK3102, AK3103.


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