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    High quality product developed to enhance, repair, and achieve extremely realistic transparent glass-like finishes on clear plastic parts. Simply dip and let dry for a few minutes. The bottle is think to dip parts without problem. Clean excess around the edges to achieve a uniform layer. For best results, allow product to dry in a dust-free environment. This product, when applied to clear plastic, will result in a realistic glass-like appearance on parts like clear plastic cockpit canopies or other clear parts.

  • Acrylic Thinner



    Water based thinner especially designed for use with AK-Interactive acrylics. Our non-toxic, low odor thinner is also compatible for use with other brands.
    Not just the typical alcohol and water based thinner, our specially formulated product is ideal for creating the perfect paint consistency for brush and airbrush. Non-toxic and odorless.

  • Real Colors of WWII


    A limited edition and accurately printed book devoted to the original colors of vehicles used during WWII, authored by Jürgen Kiroff, Przemyslaw Skulski, Mike Starmer & Steven Zaloga, with the contribution of other recognized experts on the subject. A real travel through the research conducted in official, private and industry archives. This book reveals the development and use of colors on the German, Soviet, US and British army vehicles during WWII. 208 pages full of text, black & white and color archive photographs, profiles, color chips, photos of preserved vehicle parts and equipment, documents, general camouflage rules, etc. A must-have for modellers who want to know more about the real thing, and THE definitive guide on the WWII AFV colors.




    High quality airbrush cleaner and thinner for our Xtreme Metal range. It can be used for all of our range of metallic colors as well as other purposes, such as cleaning tools, diluting putty or other brand paints that have the same base components. It works both cleaner and for thinner the paints if is needed. Xtreme Metal is a new, high quality metallic range, developed with outstanding pigments, and specially formulated to give you the best results. Resistant to masking, any type of weathering, with ultra high coverage power, and fast drying. Now it’s easy to clean your airbrush without leaving any pigment/paint debris. These are quite simply the highest quality metallic paints ever seen.

  • FLESH & SKIN. Learning Series 06


    The extremely talented artist that has taken part in this book show all aspects, tricks that they use and secrets involving painting flesh. Different types of flesh on which these artists apply their different styles and techniques. This book is profusely illustrated with step by step photos and descriptive text explaining in depth the secrets of flesh painting. Instructional drawings or color plates are also among the different things that you will find along its pages.

    Available in English & Spanish language.



    EASTERN FRONT as the Germans called it or the GREAT MOTHERLAND WAR as the Russians knew it, the FRONT OF THE EAST was the biggest and main front of the Second World War in Europe where giants such as Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia faced each other. ACES HIGH dedicates its 10th issue to this Front with the most mythical and unique planes of both sides with an interesting variety of decorations and scales.

  • Chinese Marine Corps and AIrborne Forces colors set



    8 bottles x17ml, This set has been studied and developed for accuracy by historians and experts. With this sets the modeler will find the necessary colors to paint the most part of versions of Chinese Artillery and Army vehicles, even in the Military Parade camouflages. It also can be combined with sets 4250 and 4260 for more versions. These colors are High Quality acrylics.

    This set contains:
    _ AK4241 PLA Olive Green
    _ AK4249 PLA Green
    _ AK4242 PLA Intense Green
    _ AK4243 PLA Dark Green
    _ AK4244 PLA Ocher Earth
    _ AK4245 PLA Light Stone
    _ AK4246 PLA Red Sand
    _ AK4247 PLA Sand Yellow




    Do you think Chinese tanks and models are not interesting?

    Wait to see this book …

    Until now is the most complete, detailed and exhaustive study about PLA for modelers ever done.

    This book is not only having historians in mind but also for modelers and readers that can be interested to know something more about the Chinese army power. After reading this book many modelers will have much more interest in building a Chinese vehicle as next model.

    Through its pages we will discover not only the power and main weapons of the Chinese PLA since its origins, but also the way to paint them, showing different techniques and camouflages for the Chinese vehicles.

    The kits which appear in this book, belong to the main Chinese brands, and makes this book the perfect guide not only for modelers and enthusiasts of Chinese tanks and its strange and exotic camouflages but also for any modelers that want to have a reference book.

    Modelers and historians like Adam Wilder, Kristof Pulinks, Lukasz Orczyyc-Musialek, Lester Plaskitt, Sven Frich, Zach Sex, Gordon Arthur, Lei Xu, Verlag Jochen,Chris Jerret, Oscar Ebrí, Brian Murdoch or David Bocquelet give us an idea of the quality of this publication that until now is the most complete, detailed and exhaustive study about PLA for modelers ever done.

    Only in English language.

  • PLA Army and Artillery colors set



    8 botellas x17ml, este sistema ha sido estudiado y desarrollado para la exactitud por historiadores y expertos.El modelista encontrará los colores necesarios para pintar la mayor parte de las versiones de la artillería china y vehículos del Ejército, incluso en los camuflajes del desfile militar. También se puede combinar con los juegos 4250 y 4260 para más versiones. Estos colores son acrílicos de alta calidad.

    Este conjunto contiene:
    _ AK4241 PLA Verde oliva
    _ AK4249 PLA Verde
    _ AK4242 PLA Intense Green
    _ AK4243 PLA Verde Oscuro
    _ AK4244 PLA Tierra Ocre
    _ AK4245 PLA Piedra Ligera
    _ AK4246 PLA Arena Roja
    _ AK4247 PLA Arena Amarillo