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  • aces high magazine issue 4 the mediterranean


    En este cuarto número de Aces High, tratamos con el Teatro Mediterráneo de Operaciones (MTO) durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Teniendo en cuenta que sería imposible cubrir los aviones de todas las naciones que lucharon en esta área, en una solo revista, esta vez hemos decidido centrarnos en los aparatos de la Luftwaffe y de la RAF. Hemos elegido las máquinas más emblemáticas utilizadas por los mejores pilotos: un Spitfire Mk.Vb, con su distintivo filtro Vokes tropical; Un Kittyhawk Mk.I, llevando la famosa marca de tiburón en el morro de sharkmouth; Un Bf 109 F-4 trop, terminado como el montaje del as legendario, Hans-Joachim Marseille; Un Beaufighter Mk.VIF, con un esquema de caza ligeramente más inusual en el desierto, y un Bf 110 E-2 trop, que sirvió como avion de combate, bombardero y ataque terrestre. Para complementar nuestras construcciones de aviones, incluimos artículos paso a paso que le muestran cómo pintar una figura de un piloto, y un camión semioruga.
    Contenido :
    _ Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VI F
    _ Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-4 Trop.
    _ Messerschmitt Bf 110 E-2 Trop.
    _ Kittyhawk Mk.I
    _ Spitfire Mk.Vb Trop.
    _ Hans-Joachim Marseille. Figures.
    _ Desert Maultier.

  • ACES HIGH ISSUE 5 Vietnam


    In this fourth issue of Aces High, we deal with the Mediterranean Theater of Operations (MTO) during WWII. Bearing in mind that it would be impossible to cover the aircraft of all the nations which fought in this area, in just one issue, we have this time decided to focus on just Luftwaffe and Royal Air Force subjects. We have chosen the most iconic machines used by the greatest pilots: a Spitfire Mk.Vb, with its distinctive Vokes tropical filter; a Kittyhawk Mk.I, wearing the famous sharkmouth nose marking; a Bf 109 F-4 trop, finished as the mount of the legendary ace, Hans-Joachim Marseille; a Beaufighter Mk.VIF, with a slightly more unusual desert night-fighter scheme, and a Bf 110 E-2 trop, which served as fighter, bomber and ground attack aircraft. To complement our aircraft builds, we include step-by-step articles which show you how to paint a pilot figure, and a half-tracked truck.
    Content :
    _ Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VI F
    _ Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-4 Trop.
    _ Messerschmitt Bf 110 E-2 Trop.
    _ Kittyhawk Mk.I
    _ Spitfire Mk.Vb Trop.
    _ Hans-Joachim Marseille. Figures.
    _ Desert Maultier.



    There have already been 6 issues of our magazine dedicated to military aircraft, and we are now seen as one of the best aircraft magazines worldwide for modelers and critics. Under the editorship of Daniel Zamarbide and his team of collaborators, in this edition we will take you directly back to the The Battle of Britain. The magazine contains artwork from Romain Hugault, and many detailed articles of the highest quality, with clear photography. Within its pages we cover one theme in each issue and all techniques with the theme.
    Content :
    _ Heinkel He 111H . Der Adler tag.
    _ Hurricane Mk.I Death or glory.
    _ Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-1/B Devils in Yellow.
    _ Junkers JU 87B Stuka The trumpeters of Jericho.
    _ Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I Live to fly, fly to live.
    _ Typhoon FGR4 Battle of Britain then and now.
    _ Five minutes after the tea. Figure.
    _ RAF 10 HP Austin Tilly.



    The 7th issue of our aircraft magazine. This time Daniel Zamarbide and his cooperators show us all the tricks and possibilities of metallic colors through high quality articles, like the P-51 Mustang and the MIG 21, other not so well known as the F-101 Voodoo and the B-26 Marauder, and the known by few F-9-F Panther from Korea made by Daniel Zamarbide himself. Along with illustrations from Romain Hugault. The metallic colors will have no secret for you.
    Content :
    _ B-26C “Maraurder”. The flying barracuda.
    _ Mig 21 MF. Magyar Silver Arrow.
    _ P-51 D Mustang. The mighty Mustang.
    _ F-9-F “Panther”. Blue Tail Fly.
    _ F-101 C “Voodoo”. Voodoo one-o-wonder.
    _ Techniques in detail painting and weathering metal auxiliary tanks.



    In this issue the Aces High team brings us a special theme, CAPTURED! The newest issue is dedicated to captured enemy aircraft put into service. As is always the case here at AK, using the latest techniques, Dani Zamarbide shows us how to put an American P-51 Mustang into service with the German Army. Included in this issue are new sections such as a historical gallery, tips & tricks and many easy to do techniques. Another top hit release from the best aircraft modeling magazine!

    Content :

    _ P-51B Mustang. The wild horse from Zirkus Rosarius.
    _ Pfalz D.III A. The unlucky german
    _ JU 87 D-3 “Stuka”. Un der new management.
    _ Mig 21 F-13 “Fishbed”. James Bond Mig 007
    _ Fw 190A5. The blue hunter
    _ Sukhoi SU-25. The gulf war escape
    _ VW Type 166 Schwimmwagen. The swimming beetle.
    _ Profiles & Gallery

  • aces high issue 09 hellicopters


    The ninth issue of Aces High magazine deals with a very special subject that had never received such extensive coverage before: modelling the military helicopters. Our contributors had again prepared a number of interesting articles, revealing dozens of tips and tricks that will help you to deal with various problems that you may possibly encounter during various stages of your own builds.
    Content :
    -History of military helicopter I. From beginnings to Vietnam war.
    -OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. Army combat explorer.
    -AH 64A Apache The indian of the US Army.
    -Sikorski MH-53J Pave Low III . The venerable Jolly Green gigant.
    -UH-1H Huey . Warhorse in Vietnam
    -AH-1Z Viper. The Zulu Cobra.
    -H-34 US Marines. The rescue moster.



    EASTERN FRONT as the Germans called it or the GREAT MOTHERLAND WAR as the Russians knew it, the FRONT OF THE EAST was the biggest and main front of the Second World War in Europe where giants such as Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia faced each other. ACES HIGH dedicates its 10th issue to this Front with the most mythical and unique planes of both sides with an interesting variety of decorations and scales.



    High quality magazine dedicated exclusively to the world of model airplanes. The focus is on the painting and weathering of model aircraft. Each issue will be structured around a new theme which will recur throughout that Issue. We have sought out some of the best modelers in the world to show us step-by-step how to make, paint, and weather model aircraft. This first issue is dedicated to the German Night Fighters along with extra pages and many surprises. This magazine forms the back bone of our new AIR Series. This magazine will be an instant collectable so make sure you get your copy today and perhaps even two copies, one to read and another to collect and keep in unread mint condition.
    Content :
    – Heinkel He 219 “UHU”
    – Focke Wulf Fw-190A6/R11
    – Heinkel He 177 A-5
    – Messershchmitt Me. 262B-1a/U1
    – Messershchmitt Bf 110 G-4
    – Messershchmitt Bf 109 E-4
    – Figure
    – Kfz 385 Tankwagen

  • aces high magazine issue 3 the empire of japan


    The third issue of Aces High Magazine takes you on a journey to the Far East. We give in depth coverage to models depicting Japanese aircraft used during World War Two, including the legendary Zero, in two of its best-known variants; a 1/32 A6M5 and 1/72 A6M2. These two key aircraft are complemented by the excellent renditions of another two famous fighters; the J2M3 Raiden and Ki-61 Hien, both in 1/32 scale; and a rarely seen 1/48 Ki-51 Sonia, in a very original camouflage scheme. The obvious subject for our figure painting article is a Kamikaze pilot. To end this issue, we include a 1/48 Type 95 Kurogane light utility vehicle.
    Content :
    _ A6M5. Tamiya 1/32
    _ Mitsubishi Ki-51
    _ Kawasaki Ki-61 “Hien”
    _ Mitsubishi J2M Raiden
    _ Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero. Tora ! Tora ! Tora !
    _ Figure. The paint of the Kamikaze
    _ Kurogane Type 95



    Aces High is a specialized magazine for scale aircraft modelers. The magazine is divided into several articles, which guide the reader step by step through the processes of building amazing models. Within our articles, we illustrate the perfect techniques for painting and weathering etc. and include a little of the history that surrounds the theme. In commemoration of the centenary of the beginning of World War I, our second issue is dedicated to this bitter and bloody conflict, with the addition of five characteristic models of aircraft of that era, in both 1/32 and 1/48 scales, as well as figures and vehicles that are perfect companions to any aircraft diorama.
    Content :
    _ AMC DH.2 .
    _ Sopwith Pup.
    _ Fokker Dr I.
    _ Hannover Cl II.
    _ Nieuport 23.
    _ A tense wait. Figures.
    _ German fuel cart.
    _ Mack AC truck.

  • Aces High magazine issue 14: Twin-engine Warriors


    80 pages,  English & Spanish language.

    Issue 14 of Aces High takes us into the world of twin-engine aircraft. It’s a pleasure to see the world’s best modellers building and painting some of the most mythical WWII aircraft, which are rarely seen in other international magazines.

    • Includes:
    • P1Y1 Ginga
    • PE-2 Peshka
    • DH.98 Mosquito
    • B-25J Mitchell
    • Me 410 Hornisse

    These aircraft are really attractive for modellers due their designs and looks. Like always this issue of Aces High is full of tricks and techniques from which you can learn and enjoy the hobby even more.

  • aces high hind special

    Sold out



    Special publication focused on one of the most famous military helicopters used around the world, the Mil Mi-24 Hind. Using the large 1/35 scale kit as the example, our editor Daniel Zamarbide guides you through the processes of construction, detailing, painting and weathering of a model of this legendary helicopter. The finished model is presented on a vignette containing a vehicle and figures, which creation is also thoroughly described.
    To enhance your understanding of this helicopter, we also include a concise article dealing with the history and development of the Mil Mi-24, attractive colour profiles, and a comprehensive and extended walkaround chapter, which comprises numerous photos of different variants of the Hind. In the last chapter you will read about finishing yet another Mil Mi-24 kit in a very special livery




    We introduce you the 11th issue, the first number of the collection dedicated entirely to n aircraft. The mythical Fw-190. An indispensable issue for all lovers of aviation. For this special issue we have selected some articles of the highest quality of the best modelers in which they explain a lot of techniques on this iconic plane, with a careful layout and great photos. You can not miss it!!.

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Buy the newest Aces High magazines with the best sales and promotions. Find cheap offers for Aces High magazines in our online store.

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