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They are water based acrylic colors, AK offers different chemical formulations, for each of their lines, and they are also designed specifically for modeling optimizing their properties for the requirements of the hobby in both qualities and colors.

Figures series: formulated for brush can be used with airbrush diluted at 50%.

Boats series: It has been specially formulated for use in airbrushing, but it is also used with a brush for small details, glazes, etc.

Aircraft Series: It has been specially formulated for airbrush use, but it is also used with a brush for small details, glazes, etc.

AFV Series: It has been specially formulated for use in airbrushes, but it is also used with a brush for small details, glazes, etc.

They can be mixed with each other and with other acrylic colors and although they can be diluted with water we recommend using our thinner to preserve all its properties. Acrylics dry out when the water they contain evaporates, and their drying time depends on the surface, the thickness of the paint layer, the humidity of the workplace and the weather conditions. In general, the paint will be dry to the touch in a few minutes, but we recommend waiting 12 hours for optimum resistance. Expiration date depends on the storage conditions. Our paints have been formulated to withstand freeze-thaw processes. They maintain their properties after four or five years. The colors do not spoil and do not dry unless exposed to extremely high temperatures. Heavier pigments tend to settle, and due to the small size of the bottle it can be difficult to recover the original viscosity. They do not contain toxics pigments, but it is always recommendable to wear a mask when using the airbrush. It is better not to inhale air impurities and pigment particles which, although not toxic, are also impurities.

Yes you can add few drops of varnish directly on the airbrush or in the mix to achieve a more matte, satin or gloss finish.

We recommend a pressure of 1.5 kg and a nozzle of 0.3 as a base, from here we can vary depending on the type of work and airbrush and also personal taste.

All the effects of AK have been formulated to facilitate its use to the modeler, can be used directly from the jar with a brush, but if you want to lower the tone, you can use thinner or odorless thinner which are high quality solvents and very soft specially indicated for modeling. You can also mix the effects with each other. Most of these products have been developed by AK Interactive and later copied by other brands, but only AK updates and improves its formulas regularly starting from the original.

RC are born with the idea of making easier the painting process to the modeler, with paint highly compatible with others of the same type. They flow perfectly in the airbrush without causing any problem and with great resistance to subsequent aggressive processes. They are acrylic lacquered paints and the great revolution of these paints is the absolute fidelity of the colors with the original RAL, RLM and FS, colors based on the studies of the main experts and in the original documentation preserved in museums.

They can be used with your thinner or with the thinners of any other lacquer base paint. Its use is mainly airbrush and work perfectly with pressures of between 1 and 1.5 kg and airbrushes from 0.15.

In the evolution of the paints, actually they are not compatible with water to give them even more resistance to all weathering process, including chipping fluids and decal solution. Our laboratory formulated them with aggressive techniques in mind. They conserve all properties of first batches and exact colors, but keep in mind that you can’t use water to work with our Real Colors now (this includes thinners specific for acrylic paints). There is no problem using the first ones and the new ones together because are perfectly compatible, likewise if you want to use with Tamiya or Gunze lacquers too.

Xtreme metal line is developed to provide a metallic finish with an ultra-fine grain paint that does not require previous priming. They are enamel lacquers. Its range covers the main metallic tones and they can be mixed with each other. Both dilution and cleaning must be done with the product AK470 (XTREME CLEANER & THINNER) or with a solution of reduced acetone. Its use is indicated for airbrush on a clean surface and as polished as possible and work perfectly without clogging with a pressure of between 1 and 1.5 kg and airbrushes from 0.15.

True metal line is developed to make easier finish the metal quickly with a wax applied by brush or rubbing, or even with a diluted airbrush. Fine grain does not need previous priming. They are enamel waxes that are diluted with White Spirit. Its range covers the main metallic tones and they can be mixed with each other. Both its dilution and its cleaning must be done with White Spirit. Being a wax, the drying time is longer than other paints. We recommend 24 hours of waiting and even apply a layer of protective varnish since the most superficial pigment can be detached if rubbed (recommended for figures that have to be handled usually).

Sprays are developed to get speed in the application of a primer or a base color. Sprays are presented in different formats and include all the basic products and some exclusive ones that you will only find in AK. The paint is of the highest quality in the market that has gone through several resistance filters and its qualities are ideal for painting miniatures.

A formulation is often reviewed in accordance with advances in technology, raw materials, the development of pigments and resins, and current environmental legislation, so AK Interactive is constantly evolving to offer the best products to its customers.

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