About us

With a unique passion for creation and innovation, AK-Interactive is a dynamic Spanish company that develops innovative products in the world of modeling. It is located in the small town of Logroño (La Rioja), which is known for its wines that are also exported all over the world. Our company has achieved its reputation over the years, thanks to its employees and the many collaborators we have around the world. Our publications and products that today are the guides and consumables for any modeler. Since its creation in 2009 the company has grown and evolved adapting to the needs of modelers, thanks to all its departments, which incorporate the most brilliant professionals in the sector. The products that you can find here have been developed thanks to the work of a professional team.
Our products are usually used by most modelers from all over the world, both experts and newcomers.

The history of this company is full of mystery and myths, but in reality it is only a machine to generate ideas and products of the highest quality that the market demands. Like all mysteries, it was born and idealized in the minds of many modelers and customers who, despite everything, put their trust in the brand from the outset and opted for originality. This is precisely the key to the success of the company that was projected as the market leader thanks to its ideas and products.

The origin of this story is its founder Fernando Vallejo. The president of AK-Interactive began his modeling career as a child and made it a profession after creating other companies. The passion for work and investments made the company grow quickly from the beginning. His kind and generous treatment quickly made him a very appreciated person in the whole sector. Always in search of new challenges and opportunities to expand the activities and influence of AK-Interactive.

The AK team consists of a large group of professionals, from artists to designers, modelers, salesmen and a strong administrative department that controls all activities in the factory. This team has been steadily increasing since the beginning. Also many people around the world participate in projects for AK such as books, DVDs. Articles, translators, collaborators, representatives … The whole team of AK are governed by the same principles that are summed up in the words of Fernando Vallejo “Our products are modelers for modelers, so that we all enjoy this great hobby”.


Why choose AK-Interactive?

Whether you’re a modeler or a professional in the field of modeling, AK-Interactive is the right choice for many reasons. AK has the most professional and experienced team in paintings and effects for modeling, not forgetting our publications and tutorials both printed and social networks. All products are developed by professional modelers with all and most current technical means. Our original products have been tested on models and we can boast their perfect performance. AK also offers technical support to modelers and distributors. The goal of AK is to find solutions for all the problems that can arise in modeling and find it possible. We will try to motivate you so that the impossible can be achieved.


Our production

At present, all weathering, auxiliary and paint products are produced with AK Interactive technology at its factory in Spain. In particular all products have a unique and exclusive formulation of AK. All the editing processes, industrial designs and product layout are realized in the offices of AK in Spain. We are one of the largest manufacturers of paintings and accessories for modeling, we collaborate and produce for other brands and we publish both historical books and models manuals.


Our Goals

The objective of AK interactive is to find the solutions to all of the problems that a modeler could possibly encounter. We try to motivate you to make the most difficult step in modeling, from beginning to paint a model to finishing it with the highest level of quality. All of our material and products are designed to facilitate your daily work, to give you fast and easy solutions, and to motivate you with ideas and suggestions to continue enjoying the great passion that is this hobby. We don´t want to be a boring gallery of unattainable models that are impossible to reproduce. We´d rather provide a broad repertoire of methods and alternatives that can be adapted to each modeler and each theme. Our objective is to teach, help, and motivate.