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  • AK060
    Brand: AK

    Set para crear efectos de polvo en cualquier veh?culo en zonas ?ridas o secas, especialmente del Afrika Korps. Este set contiene tres colores en esmalte para pintar efectos en maquetas. AK Interactive ofrece los colores en sets que faciliten al modelista la elecci?n de colores y la realizaci?n del efecto que est? buscando. Contiene: AK-022, AK-015 y AK-011.

    10,50 €
  • AK061
    Brand: AK

    This set has

    three different earth colors for replicating dry, fresh and wet mud effects on

    your model. These colors can be mixed with plaster to give your mud

    volume. Mud mixtures that involve

    plaster are best applied with a paint brush either being ?painted? on to the

    surface or by loading up a paint brush with your mud mixture and using your

    airbrush by dispelling small bursts of air directed at your paint brush making

    realistic splatter effects.

    Contains: AK-016, AK-017 and



    10,50 €
  • AK062
    Brand: AK

    This weathering

    set contains three different colors to make streaking effects on your scale

    models. These streaking effects colors

    are very versatile in the sense that these colors can be diluted down to the

    level of washes. This multi use

    weathering set is a must have for anyone who strives for realistically

    weathered models. Contains: AK-012, AK-013 and AK-014.


    10,50 €
  • AK063
    Brand: AK

    This three color

    set is ideal to make slime and fuel effects in your scale models. This set will

    enable the modeler to recreate Slimy Grime in ships and boats, docks, old

    wooden items and LVTP vehicles. Also, this set includes a very useful color to

    make fuel stains that are very different than grease and oil effects. Contains: AK-025, AK-026 and AK-027.


    10,50 €
  • AK064
    Brand: AK

    Three products

    from our weathering range for those who love modeling green vehicles. Great for

    doing streaking effects, and dark or rust colored washes. The set includes the

    colors AK 024, AK 045, AK046.


    10,50 €
  • AK068
    Brand: AK

    German vehicles

    based in North Africa are a theme that is commonly enjoyed by many modelers.

    This totally new set has been designed to weather German vehicles based in

    North Africa but you don?t have to stop there as this set is perfectly

    acceptable to be used on Allied vehicles or even more modern examples. The set

    includes three different colors for doing washes, filters and streaking grime

    effects. This set gives the modeler everything needed for basic weathering of

    DAK vehicles. The colors included are: AK-065 Africa Korps Filter AK-066 Africa

    Korps Wash AK-067 Streaking Grime for Africa Korps.


    10,50 €
  • AK072
    Brand: AK

    We have designed

    this set for all those modelers out there with an affinity to early German

    vehicles, or to put it another way, all those vehicles painted in Panzer Grey.

    The set includes all the basic products you need to achieve for near total

    weathering of any vehicle painted Panzer Grey. This set contains a filter, a

    wash and a product to create streaking grime all over the famous Panzer Grey

    color. The only thing left to complete the look is for the modeler to apply

    their favourite colors of dust and mud. Contains: AK-069, AK-070 and AK-071.


    10,50 €
  • AK073
    Brand: AK

    This weathering

    set was developed with modern armor enthusiasts. We have designed this special

    set that contains all the necessary products you need to weather any vehicle

    painted with the three classic NATO colors, Brown, Green and Black. This set contains

    three products designed for and tested on NATO vehicles. This set allows the

    modeler to add washes, filters, and rain marks. The colors included are: AK-074 Rain marks for NATO tanks, AK-075

    Wash for NATO tanks, and AK-076 Filter for NATO tanks.


    10,50 €
  • AK077
    Brand: AK

    This set is

    complete with different products to employ mud effects on your models. We have

    designed a special color based on Russian landscapes most notably for the

    battle of Kursk. We have also created a color for wet earth. To give depth and

    volume to the mud, we have included a plaster kit so you don?t have to spend

    your time looking for one enabling you to start painting your model right out

    of the gate. We have also included the definitive product for doing effects of

    dampness, rain or standing water on the surface of your model. This product is

    very different from all the other products on the market and you will see that

    with your final results. This set is complete with a pigment based on dark

    earth, which you can mix with both the plaster and the wet effects product to

    produce some great additional effects. Contains: AK-078, AK-079, AK-080, AK-081 and plaster.


    14,00 €
  • AK087
    Brand: AK

    This set

    contains everything necessary to create realistic effects on any type of engine

    or metal objects such as tank tracks. There are two colors specifically

    designed for creating realistic dirt and grease effects on engines leading to

    an unbelievably real finish. For the metal objects such as tracks, we have

    designed an appropriate wash, a dark rust colored pigment and a steel colored

    pigment. This ultra fine steel color pigment contains no metallic particles and

    is very bright when you rub it. The more you rub it the shinier it gets. This

    set helps the modeler achieve a realistic steel finish like you have never seen



    17,50 €
  • AK091
    Brand: AK

    The interior

    paint of AFV?s used to be a problem for even the most experienced of modelers.

    This set makes this task easy with three different products. First of all we

    have an acrylic paint which represents the interior color of German vehicles

    during WWII. This color also can be used

    for the interiors of many other AFV?s.

    Also, we have included two weathering products, one for interior washes

    and another for streaking effects over the surface of interiors. Contains: AK-092, AK-093 and AK-094.


    9,20 €
  • AK120
    Brand: AK

    The modern

    American vehicles in Afghanistan and Iraq are quickly becoming a theme that is

    just as important as the German vehicles from WWII. Many brands of plastic kits

    are now catering to the rising demand for these types of vehicles in these

    current theatres of operations, OIF and OEF. This set has been exclusively

    designed for modelers that make these types of vehicles. These American

    vehicles tend to have a particular aspect and to achieve these affects we have

    put together a set which contains one product for washes and another for the

    streaking effects. Also included is an acrylic base color of one of the most

    common colors of the American forces in desert zones, FS 33446. A color we have

    faithfully reproduced and lightly softened to compensate for the scale

    reduction effect. You can use this color on all your American vehicles and it

    can be weathered with the two weathering effect products included in this set

    to obtain results as close to the real vehicles as possible. This set includes

    the AK-121, AK-122, and AK-123.


    9,20 €
  • AK138
    Brand: AK
    11,40 €
  • AK2070
    Brand: AK
    17,50 €
  • AK260
    Brand: AK

    This set gives

    the modeler everything they need to weather wooden items. Set includes two

    filters and a wash made specifically for weathering wooden items.


    10,50 €
  • AK4060
    Brand: AK
    10,50 €
  • AK4110
    Brand: AK
    10,50 €
  • AK4120
    Brand: AK
    17,50 €
  • AK4160
    Brand: AK
    16,20 €
  • AK4180
    Brand: AK
    10,50 €
  • AK555
    Brand: AK

    This set

    contains the following products; AK-302 Wash for grey decks, AK-303 Grey wash

    for Kriegsmarine ships and AK-304 Brown Streaking Grime for Red Hulls.


    10,50 €
  • AK556
    Brand: AK

    This set

    contains the products AK-301 Dark wash for wooden decks, AK-305 Streaking grime

    for light grey ships and AK-306 Salt Streaks for ships.


    10,50 €
  • AK688
    Brand: AK
    10,50 €
  • AK7000
    Brand: AK
    10,50 €