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  • AK3008
    Brand: AK

    This paint set, included in the new product line Figure Series, is

    specially formulated by our artistic department to integrate

    camouflaged patterns in figures, as well to give variation in figures

    with monochromatic uniforms (greenish, greys, reddish, blueish),

    recreate beard effects , dirt ,fur and higlight volumes in miniatures.

    Extremely matt paints, formulated with the right dilution for these

    kind of details, to use them directly from the jar, with no need of

    diluting. They can be applied with brush and airbrush. This set includes

    3x 35ml jars, with different tones. Green Glaze, Brown Glaze and Dark

    Brown Glaze. Includes AK-3017, AK-3018 and AK-3019

    10,50 €