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  • AK124
    Brand: AK


    vehicles in factories or prototypes used for tests are some of the most popular

    themes for many modelers. These vehicles were painted in a reddish brown color

    that would vary depending on the factory; it served as a primer and in some

    cases, towards the end of the war, was also included into the camouflage. This

    set includes 6 colors necessary to paint vehicles in a red primer using the

    color modulation style, shadows and highlights with subtle variations in tones

    to be able to apply the modulation quickly and precisely. These acrylic colors

    can be thinned for airbrushing with water or for best results, use AK

    Interactive Acrylic Thinner.


    13,20 €
  • AK131
    Brand: AK


    vehicles in WWII used an Olive Drab color to paint their vehicles. This set

    allows modelers to paint their models with special modulation effects.

    Modulation effects obtain light and shadow tones with subtle variations while

    not changing this special Olive Drab color. This set is the easiest and quickest

    way to apply color modulation to your models. These are acrylic paints so you can thin with

    water or AK Interactive Acrylic Thinner. These paints can brushed or airbrushed

    on to your model. For best results, use AK Interactive Acrylic Thinner. Like

    with all AK Interactive products, it is essential that you thoroughly shake

    these bottles of paint until the color inside of the bottle becomes uniform

    with no separation of colors.


    13,20 €
  • AK160
    Brand: AK

    This is a 6

    bottle acrylic paint set for original German vehicles which were painted in the

    famous Panzer Grey (Dunkelgrau). This range of colors offers the perfect

    combination of tones to achieve the perfect modulation. Each colour is

    different and has been thoroughly studied to create an optical light effect.

    Furthermore, these new paints boast a slightly satin finish allowing the

    modeler to avoid the need to apply a varnish afterwards.


    13,20 €
  • AK167
    Brand: AK
    13,20 €
  • AK552
    Brand: AK


    essential set for those modelers that paint German vehicles with a three tone

    camouflage. This set includes 3 colors to modulate the German Brown and another

    3 colors for the German green. The modeler can use it in combination with the

    AK552 set to modulate the Dunkelgelb or the famous German dark yellow.


    13,20 €
  • AK553
    Brand: AK

    This set

    includes 6 different acrylic colors in 17ml bottles for use in creating a

    modulation effect on vehicles that should be painted in a Russian 4BO Green



    13,20 €