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  • AK4130
    Brand: AK
    13,20 €
  • AK4140
    Brand: AK
    13,20 €
  • AK4171
    Brand: AK
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  • AK4172
    Brand: AK
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  • AK4173
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  • AK4174
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  • AK4175
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  • AK4190
    Brand: AK
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  • AK4210
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  • AK4220
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  • AK4230
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  • AK550
    Brand: AK


    Deutsche Afrika Korps vehicles wore four different RAL colors: 8000 and 7008

    until March of 1942 and RAL colors 8020 and 7008 after March of 1942.

    Additionally, the vehicles were painted with a Panzer Grey RAL 7021 base that

    in many cases was exposed when the paint camo was chipped and worn away. Finally, there is a discussion about the

    color of theTiger I deployed in Tunisia, because some sources identified them

    as Olive Drab. However, recent research identified the paint as RAL 8020 but in

    a more greenish shade than usual. This set presents 6 colors to apply directly

    to your model without the need to make complex paint mixtures or hours of deep

    research about the colors used by the DAK. Additionally, these new colors are

    suitably modified to compensate for the scale effect in models. These are accurate and real colors for lovers

    of precise paint.


    13,20 €
  • AK554
    Brand: AK

    At the end

    of 1944 the German Army introduced new variants in the colors used on their

    vehicles. Our newest set of acrylic paints are composed of 6 colors designed to

    represent these colors that are sought after by modelers. For the first time we

    will be able to paint late war German tanks without complex mixes and hours of research.

    These paints have been designed in consideration of the Scale Reduction Effect

    (subtly lighter than the actual color), to obtain the correct colors in our

    kits. These paints are designed to be effective for use in an airbrush or paint

    brush and are water-soluble avoiding strong smells and harmful solvents.


    13,20 €
  • AK558
    Brand: AK

    This six

    color set allows you to paint the sand colored paint schemes as seen on

    vehicles recently deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. This set includes the grey-sand

    used by U.S. troops and the yellow-sand of the British Army, the Iraqi army

    sand color and the three colors of the Bundeswehr camouflage in desert theatres.

    The colors within each bottle are true to the actual color, with a little

    modification for scale effect. The formula of these acrylic paints are designed

    for use by a brush or an airbrush. These paints are odorless and water soluble.

    Our acrylics are manufactured by AK Interactive and are made with a formula

    that prevents clogging in the airbrush.


    13,20 €
  • AK560
    Brand: AK

    The German

    army used several ordinances for camouflage on their vehicles during WWII. This

    set includes the most important colors in use from 1937 to 1944. This set

    includes 6 colors designed to represent the initial Dunkelbraun and Dunkelgrau

    camo, the middle war version of Dunkelgelb and a green color used by Waffen SS

    and Polizei units on light and second line vehicles. Finally, the set also

    includes two different versions of Olivegrun, allowing the modeler represent

    the different paint conditions and faded effects for this color. For the first

    time, modelers will be able to paint German tanks without complex mixtures and

    hours of research. These paints have been designed in consideration of the

    Scale Reduction Effect (subtly lighter than the actual color) to obtain the

    correct colors for our models. These paints are designed to be effective with

    an airbrush or brush and are water-soluble avoiding strong smells and harmful



    13,20 €
  • AK561
    Brand: AK

    This acrylic

    paint set has been designed to replicate the colors used by Red Army vehicles

    during the 1935-1945 period. This set includes the 4BO, 7K, 6K, 3BAU and a

    green protective coating for the interwar period of WWII. This set also

    includes a Washable White paint color that mimics the field applied white wash

    applied by Russian soldiers when their tanks were operating in snow covered

    environments and needed to blend in with their surroundings. Contains: AK-746

    Russian Green 4BO, AK-747 Russian Brown 6K, AK-748 Russian Tan 7K, AK-750

    Protective Green, AK-749 Basic Protector 3B AU, and AK-751 Washable White Paint.


    13,20 €
  • AK564
    Brand: AK

    This set

    contains 6 acrylic paints specifically designed to paint vehicles in Middle

    East, IDF & Lebanon colors. These colors have been carefully studied by

    historians and military experts. Set Contains: AK-790 IDF Sinai Grey Modern,

    AK-791 IDF Sinai Grey 82, AK-792 IDF Sand Grey, AK-793 IDF Green, AK-794 SLA

    Blue, AK-795 LAF Green.


    13,20 €