free shipping

Free Shipping Terms

AK-Interactive offers to our customers, the option of  Free Shipping for your purchase.

Listed below are the minimum purchase amount of AK Interactive products to qualify for free shipping:

  • Spain and Portugal: 30 euros
  • European Union: 70 euros
  • Rest of the world: 180 euros

The minimum purchase for free shipping is for AK Interactive products only. The AK Interactive products can be easily identified since their code numbers begin with AK- and in the list of products the categories also begin with AK. If a customer buys enough of AK-Interactive products to obtain Free Shipping, we will send the entire purchase with Free Shipping. So for example if a European Union customer buys AK-interactive products over 90 euros and any other brands for any amount, we will ship ALL the products including the non AK Interactive items free of charge.